Baby Shower animal print

If you want to diverge from the typical colors of pink and light blue, the idea of a baby shower animal print is for you.

If you want your party to be an occasion for extravagant, choose a palette of colors, special and creative, where they predominate the bright shades.

The first thing you should do is to choose the theme of your celebration to decorate all the environment according to this. Some suggestions are:

  • Jungle Modern: The colors red, blue and silver harmonize perfect for this theme. Look for animals that have a lot of style, can be playful monkeys or butterflies with the colors of the rainbow. With these animals adorned the tables, trays, and vessels, in order to, all of the objects.
  • Colours: If you choose a color palette determined, making sure that all the things have those shades, from cups and bowls to the animals that decorate the place. Thus, the light and color will act together creating a unique space.
  • Animal Print classic: you Can use patterns and genres with the tone of tigers, zebras, or leopards for the decoration of chairs, tablecloths, carpets, couches and rugs. If you want to reinforce this idea decorative, combine with metal details, such as covered in silver or gold on cloth with pictures of the skin of animals.

Finally, a final tip: add to the décor of a bar of natural juices for the adults. You can make each pitcher of juice or cup has a label of color with patterns and animal print that tell you what flavor it is.

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