Bingo babyshower

A baby shower is a celebration very entertaining, and if you mix it with the bingo or lota, you can get a “baby bingo”, a party much more fun and memorable.

The bingo is very popular, both among family and friends. How to create a bingo for the baby shower? Here's a few tips:

Bingo hand-made

While the bingo games are available at many toy stores, it will be much more special if you craft you. You will need the following materials:

  1. Cardboard
  2. Thin cardboard
  3. Papers of colors
  4. Glue
  5. Rule
  6. Scissors

For a start, designed the figures, paste on cardboard. Opt for the reasons of babies, such as nipples or baby bottles, pacifiers, cribs, bibs or toys for boys or girls, such as cars or dolls.

Then, make indentations in the cardboard, ideally 25 squares. Short few cartoons extra to make the cartoncitos you will get a bag with the same reasons that the primers; it will be the replacement of the balls bingo.

Finally, use the coloured papers to decorate the cards, and... welcome to ready your bingo home!

Instructions to play

  • Each player must choose a card of numbers with fed-up bobbin (1 to 90).
  • Can form 2 types of moves; either on-line (a run of 5 numbers in a row) or bingo (a run of 20 numbers).
  • While most participants play, the more fun the game.
  • Mix 90 consecutive numbers in a tombola and is pulled one-by-one, by choosing numbers at random.
  • Each player will fill in the chart with numbers up to assemble the first line, and win the first prize. If you fill up all of the numbers and complete the run of 20 numbers, he shouts: “bingo!” and that participant wins the jackpot.
  • How long the game will depend on if you decide to fill a row or not. There may be multiple winners, or opt for a single winner, which you must fill out the card in its entirety.

Get your baby shower a memorable occasion of fun with friends and family!

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