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Will it be little boy or little girl? As everything can be possible, we must take the necessary measures to give them both the best of welcomes.

It is always necessary to prepare for the arrival of a new member to the family. It is for this reason that we will give them good ideas to start planning a wonderful baby shower unisex. So the stork will not take them by surprise.

Baby shower unisex with a theme

Usually the color that is associated with girls is pink and with the children in the celestial. But this tradition can be broken if we are to prepare for a party as novel and creative. To achieve this, it is easier to focus on a topic basis for the feast, which is much more general and gives us more freedom of movement and the possibility of incorporating new and varied elements.

Therefore, the first and most important thing that has to be done to start the preparation for the party is to choose the central theme that will guide us. This work makes it doubly important if the protagonists of the celebration are twins or twins. Another challenge may be the case that you don't know the sex of the baby, and for this the ideas that I present below will be very useful.

At a baby shower unisex can not miss:


The tendency of the animals is not only applied in the fashion of the adults and the major walkways, but that fits perfect with the newborn. Here the protagonists are the birds, as they give us the idea of tenderness, care, and “newborns”. For example, you can hang figurines of birds made of felt or of a gender that is soft, from a twig.

Another topic that can be very practical in this festival so special is the stuffed bear or “teddy bear”. Are a classic theme that adjusts to any requirement, in addition to that it is very versatile as it can complement with the theme of toys. The bears can be in cakes and sandwiches, alternated with figures of clouds and smiling suns.


Here we find a theme that may develop with an infinite number of variants. The toys are very tender and adaptable, and allow you to select different shapes, types, materials, etc... you get many chances to take him to practice and play with them. In addition, you can synchronize them with the decoration, the food will be prepared and the environment. I let your imagination run wild!

Baby clothes

This theme allows you to kill two birds with one stone... especially if the celebrations are two, you're going to need a large closet with all types of clothing to meet the needs of newcomers. The feast you can prepare in the open air if weather and space permit, so that you can give it a more rustic or vintage celebration. You could in a drying rack to hang clothes for baby in different colors and sizes, alternating with some stuffed toys. This idea will give you a touch more fun to the environment.


The diapers can be the worst nightmare of any family's budget and even more if the babies are two-fold. It is for this reason that if you choose this theme for the celebration, the diaper can be converted to your allies. In addition to being an original idea is very practical, that is sure the parents will appreciate. You can include this theme in the invitations, chemicals, built with the shape of a diaper and decorating them with a safety pin.

The mom

On the other hand if we want to pay homage to the mother of the small, base the theme on it, can be a great surprise. Girls, we can dare to do something innovative and playful, by choosing this topic, that will always be well received.

Colors and Decoration at the baby shower unisex

There can be No baby shower and no decoration. And it is here where we can fly our imagination and play with all the combinations and possibilities that are within our reach. It is for this reason that the second task is to organize the baby shower is to choose a palette or range of colors. These colors will serve shaft for your choices, playing with different hues and shades, or by choosing a color more vivid you make of the contrast.

Once you have decided on the color palette that you will use, you have to find objects that decorate the environment. You can select, facilities or roads of the table, balloons, garlands or other decorative items. For example, if the party will take place in a house, can be put around the lamp's central ceiling, balls, or large flowers of paper of different sizes and colors are within the color palette that you have chosen. You can join them together and adornarlas with tape of a neutral color, which descend to a table.

Experts recommend us some objects that are more sophisticated that will give a particular seal and fashion to your celebration. For example if you chose the theme of the birds, you can use cages, retro, floral arrangements or branches of colors. Don't forget that there is always the possibility that you seek advice from a professional in the field.

As you will realize the possibilities are endless. You just need to make sure to choose the topic most appropriate for you and that you can make the most... the rest will emerge on the way. You can find more ideas in the articles that speak of the decoration of tables and cards of invitation for the baby shower. Hands up!

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