canasta baby shower

A baby shower is an occasion in which the friends of the parents of the future baby shows his affection with gifts for him. Is the instance that is perfect to equip you mom with all that is required for the care of your little one.
In this article, we'll suggest some models of baskets to leave the gifts, so the guests are not all out with the gift in hand.

Models of basket

Classic: this Is a basket that is sober and simple, in shades of white or yellow, with lace and motifs related to the baby. One idea is to cover the area with cellophane and tie a couple of helium balloons to the basket.
If it little girl: A basket women should be delicate, in shades of pink or pastels. You can decorate the edges with a white color, and put 2 little rag dolls on each side of the basket. Another alternative is to put a large doll that runs around the basket with his arms, embracing the mountain of gifts.
If it is little boy: you Can cover the basket with fabric celestial, placing an angel on top, with wings in the same shade.
Neutral: The color yellow is ideal for when the sex of the baby is unknown. Instead of gender, use paper to line the basket, giving it a touch more traditional. Another color that can serve you for a boy or a girl is the white. The model of the basket can have the shape of a stork, because that is the bird of motherhood par excellence, and it is related with the arrival surprise of a new baby and the feeling of expectation in the excited parents.

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