Baby shower

Normally, the baby shower is a surprise party for the mom-to-be, in which the best friends and family arranged everything so that it is an event unique and beautiful. However, lately he has adopted the custom of the father of the baby to be part of the celebration and preparations.

To help with the details of the baby shower, we'll give you some recommendations concerning the elements that can not miss on this special day. Depending on if you are expecting a boy or a girl, the colors can be combined so that each element is part of a harmonious whole, and the place stands out for its beauty and tenderness.

  • Invitations: must be original and creative, reflecting the personal style of the parents, including details friendly.
  • Ware: The best choice are the dishes and disposable cups with motifs of party, because it is much easier to be carrying these items from a home. Some kit include silverware, napkins, and trays of colored ad hoc with the design you choose.
  • Cake: This will depend on the particular taste, the important thing is that the orders in advance so that you will not miss that day.
  • Balloons: The intense colors of these will adorn the environment and will serve to adults and children entertained. One idea is to put foil balloons to give a special touch to the place.
  • Table centres: it Is fashionable currently to have centerpieces for the locations of the guests, which should combine with the theme of the party.
  • Games: An idea that is entertaining to it is the bingo, in which everyone can participate. The prize can be a gift as significant, such as a frame or a photo album.
  • Book tips: this Is a book designed for the friends parents to write down their advice for the expectant parents. It is an excellent memory and is very practical for any kind of doubts for the future.
  • Show: You can hire a show of clowns, as the “clinic clowns”, which parody some of the episodes related to the baby and the delivery. You can also innovate with a piñata, always in relation with the theme of the baby shower.

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