Mujer - Cómo prevenir el cáncer de mama

Emilio Obaid, surgeon, oncologist, specialist in pathology mammary talks about how to prevent the cancer from my mother.

For the prevention of breast cancer it is essential to encourage the early diagnosis and eliminate the fear of going to the medical controls.

Emilio Obaid, surgeon oncologist explains that: “The occurrence of breast cancer in many cases it is due to poor nutrition and the excessive consumption of junk food, for this reason the best way to prevent it is carrying out a healthy lifestyle; exercise, eat well and do not overconsume foods rich in estrogen (fats, dairy, or soy), because the breasts are large recipients of these hormones.”

Two ways to prevent breast cancer

  • It is important that all women over 35 years will perform mammograms and ecotomografías once a year, to have a diagnosis early in the case to present any anomaly.
  • The autopalpaciónes another fundamental aspect with this technique women know their breasts, so it is easier to give account of any irregularity that is present. “If when palpating their breasts you notice a change, even if it is small, it is necessary to consult with a doctor,” tells Obaid.

Types of cancer breast

There are commonly two types of breast cancer:

  • The in-situ, which has not passed through the membrane of the ducts that carry milk to the nipple.
  • The ductal, which is present in the membrane of the ducts that carry milk to the nipple.

The treatments for this disease are various:

  • Chemotherapy: application of chemical substances that help to destroy the cells malignant.
  • Radiation therapy: Application of all kinds of rays, especially X-rays, which help to reduce cancer cells or tumors.
  • Total mastectomy: In the case that the tumor is greater than three inches in diameter should be removed chest.

“When you do the full treatment the recidivism rate is 8%, on the other hand, not received the complete therapy (radiation therapy) have a 30% chance of stopping again the disease”, explains the specialist.

It is essential to prevent this type of diseases that the women lead a healthy life, and also to make us aware that this disease exists, that it is to stop seeing the medical check-ups as something that generates fear, to be healthy depends on you.

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