Baby Shower invitaciones

You expect a little girl and, without a doubt, you have everything prepared for that day. The baby shower is an excellent opportunity to celebrate her soon-to-birth. To start, we'll give you some suggestions regarding the invitations, so your guests would be impressed with your creativity.

There are several options to make the invitations for a baby shower a little girl, everything will depend on your tastes and inclinations. The following models are the most common and you can find them or confeccionarlos easily.

1) Tarjetitas pink

It is the first color that we associate with girls, and you will get to the safe if you choose a design that has these tones. For example, you can search for an invitation that has a pink background and a frame of another color with polka dot pink; a simple and elegant design, which you can fill with the details of the party.

2) cartoon

Is another option well received, because a great many characters of stories or children's programs that fit very well the baby shower of a little princess.

3) Toys for little girls

Fits any children's toy that is for a little girl, like dolls, baby carriages, teddy bears or doll houses; the invitation card can be purchased this way, and you can include details such as hearts and feminine colors.

4) Photography child

This is an alternative very special: place a photo of the family at the center of the invitation, in a way that makes you think on how to await the arrival of the baby. Most of someone think “who will look like the baby?”.

5) Animals

There are various animals that are associated with babies such as storks, rabbits or even teddy bears and koalas. Choose the one you like and put it in the decoration of the invitation.

6) Ecological

This option is for the moms who are committed to the environment. If this is your case, use a invitation green or brown, with patterns of nature that allow to evoke what relationship will have your small with the environment that will surround you.

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