Baby Shower niño

Once you know that comes in his way a baby boy, you are sure to think about all the things you'll buy for him. An instance very entertaining is the baby shower, and for sure you will thrill the many gifts that you receive.

The first step is to send the invitations. In this article we'll give you some alternatives of invitations for a baby shower of a child.

It is important that you include your partner in decisions, as they can tell you what things to call attention to the children; in addition, depending on their profession, they can do the tarjetitas according to it: math, sports or artistic.

Models invitations

Animals: virtually all children like animals, so you can use one that you associate with the boys, like monkeys, puppies, kittens or chanchitos fun, making them greet by the side of the invitation.

The jungle: This invitation is related to the decoration of the place. You can arrange everything with a style african Safari, with the image of the horizon sunny with giraffes, lions and elephants of colors. Design is cheerful and easy to do.

Monkeys: If you prefer, limit the use of animals to primates, with many different types of monkeys, chimpanzees and gorillas. In the invitation you can draw or paste several monkeys hanging from a tree. I'll see what mono is!

The sea: it Is a different topic, on which you can play with the shades of blue and celestial. From sea turtles, fish and octopi, oh, the possibilities are many! If you like the sea you can use pictures of sea stars, snails, in order to make an invitation that is fresh and entertaining.

Ideas for the envelopes

Not to deliver the invitations in the typical white, to design a different model, to tone with the card. Beam envelopes with cardboard and close them with a tie or tape. You'll see how your friends praise your originality.

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