Baby shower

You could say that the baby shower is the first celebration special for the baby, even though it is still in the womb of his mother. Normally, it takes place in the seventh or eighth month of pregnancy and, if planned well, it will be a very exciting time that will bring more happiness to the future parents.

Steps to follow to organize a baby shower

Organizer: An important detail is to choose someone who is in charge of the party. You can be the mom, but the best thing is that it's a good friend, or someone from the family so that the parents will not be overloaded.

Guest list: You must define who will go to the baby shower, in harmony with the budget that you have. It is not very good to invite a lot of people, it is ideal to a group of about 20 or 30 people as a maximum (if it is a lot of people you can lose the essence of the occasion). If you are a mom with many friends, or with separate groups, you can make more than 1 baby shower: one with the people you work with and the other with the family, for example.

Place: it Is another point to determine; it can be in an intimate space and private or outdoors, in a park or even at the beach.

Games: Are an essential element of the entertainment. Some of the games most common are measuring the belly of the mother, the hen blind, feed the doll, dress the baby... in the end, everything related to the mother and her son or daughter.

Food: Prefers dishes easy, quick to prepare and tasty. For example, on a table with a tablecloth decorative for little boy or little girl, as the case may be, you can put snacks savoury and sweet, such as dumplings, cocktail, kabobs, cookies and truffles.

Gifts: We should choose a place to put the gifts, visible to all the guests. Optionally, you can write the name of each friend in the gift for the mom to be able to receive all present, although this will depend on the wishes of the parents, because they don't want to embarrass anyone who has not been able to bring a little gift. What is important is that this moment is an opportunity to demonstrate generosity and love for the new parents and their offspring.

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