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This cancer is the most women killed in Chile, and its prognosis is closely dependent on the stage at which it is diagnosed, so that their prevention and diagnosis as timely as they are considered critical.

Expert: Luis Ignacio de la Torre Chamy, gyn Clinic City of the Sea

A woman dies every 8 hours in Chile because of this disease. According to recent data of the Ministry of Health, the breast cancer occupies the first place among the causes of cancer death in women in chile.

Breast cancer occurs by the multiplication and growth exaggerated and uncontrolled malignant cells in the breast. These cancer cells are able to invade neighboring tissues and distant, causing a disturbance in the functioning of the organism and eventually death.

Among the risk factors for developing this disease is to consider obesity and smoking, and in addition it must have special attention with a personal history of breast cancer, prior or family history, direct of breast cancer (mainly those cases that affected family members under the age of 50 years) and those patients that have the Gene mutation BRCA 1 or 2 (which is detected through blood tests on patients at risk).

This disease mainly affects women over the age of 45 years, however in patients with risk factors can occur at a younger age. More than 85% of new cases and 90% of deaths occur in women over the age of 45 years.
Early detection is the main weapon we have today to decrease their mortality and to this early diagnosis, the best tool is the mammogram.

Luis Ignacio De la Torre Chamy, gyn Clinic City of the Sea says “This test can diagnose the cancer in its early stage with patients who do not yet have symptoms, and that are not detectable with the self-examination breast, or through the examination of a specialist. Mammography also allows you to set your extension and provide information for a better treatment”.

How much time it is advisable to get a mammogram?

The dr. Of the Tower explains that it should be once a year in women older than 40 years, as recommended by the American College of Gynecology and Obstetrics. In under 40 years, it is only recommended if you have some risk factor, and in these cases it is necessary to use the mammography along with the breast ultrasound.

Now, the specialist indicated that the mammograms digital allow a more accurate diagnosis on the analysis of certain disorders breast called microcalcifications, since it is possible to zoom in on certain areas and modify the contrast, which makes it easy to delimit the suspect image.

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