At this age, your baby still does the self-control. It is likely that your child be able to control his actions, but it is not always achieved with their emotions. Pushes, yells, and has tantrums. Aspects of child development to consider:

Social and emotional development:

  • Learning to communicate is a process that will go slowly improving, by now he expresses his needs by crying and making other sounds.
  • Is developing the ability to demonstrate a sense of trust in those who care for them.
  • It would not be right to expect your child to behave perfectly all the time, because the temper tantrums are their way of showing their frustration for something that you cannot do or think.
  • Still reminding you to express yourself with words is what produces the best results and compliment it when you make an extra effort to communicate.
  • Tell them why your rules are appropriate.
  • Teach him why it can't be cast to run down the street without giving the hand to an adult. It is not necessary to shout that it is not safe to do so, so that he would understand the reasons for your warning.

Physical development:

  • Your muscles are growing and therefore is more active than before.
  • You can throw the ball and kicking it forward.
  • Has sufficient stability to stand on tiptoe.
  • You can build figures with large blocks, put together and take apart objects; enjoying especially screwing and unscrewing caps.
  • It feels uncomfortable when his diaper is wet or dirty.

Maternity, month-to-month

  • If your child will lack little to enter a kindergarten or a nursery, can that getting caught by surprise, the fact of having more time to do your stuff.
  • Now is the time to do those hobbies which you like, like to read, sing, do a bit of exercise and even arrangement in your home.

Tricks for mom and dad:

  • If you have to fight for your child to wash the teeth every day, something that you can help is to give an electric toothbrush. You'll see how to brush your teeth will be one of their favorite activities.

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