niño de 34 meses

You now have a child of 34 months! And in the measure that is going to grow, this will feel more motivated to socialize. It is likely that you want to be with their playmates or their friends and is learning a few gestures of kindness, such as wanting to give and share.

The game of the imaginary friend may also be initiated, since many children, especially those who do not have brothers, created peers of pretend between two and three years.

These will provide comfort, be their accomplices and will be responsible for the evil things that your son would not have done. What usually happens is that they lose interest in their imaginary friends around the age of six.

Living through motherhood

There are many theories of what is frightening can be the child of 34 months, because they are approaching 3 years of age, but sometimes ignored how much I can help you in your home.
Now that your child is 34 months, with a need to get your approval, admiration and love. You'll want to put the table, folding the clean clothes or pick up toys, etc, Now is when you should accept their help, to the time that the felicitas of his good disposition and at the same time you develop your good habits. Never underestimate the power of gratitude, hugs and your kisses, it is very important that you always tell your child how proud you are of the and if things don't work, explain all that you should do that the next time do it better.

Tricks for mom and dad

If your child is one of those very bad to eat, let me help you a day in the process of preparing food and cooking. You will see that your appetite is heightened when you feel that you cook it yourself. In addition to that you can invent breakfast, lunch and dinner fun and even make them outdoors, and can also have a special time with him.

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