niño con berrinche

The child of 25 months is a stream of energy, and every day is taking more steps firm and safe. It is important that you decide to do enough physical activity for their proper growth.

Aspects of child development to consider:


  • Gradually your child will be taking a steady pace when walking.
  • Has improved his coordination, since not wobble so much, even sometimes on one foot for short periods without problems.
  • If well, get to go up the stairs, even it is hard a little down the steps.
  • Also, he has developed the movement between the heel and toes of the foot that adults often do.

Physical games:

  • His fitness for the different physical activities that tend to make babies has been enhanced, such as crawling, running, or playing ball.
  • He entertains himself by jumping in the same place, push and drag their toys when you walk.
  • Has improved the ability to stack blocks, or towers, weapon and disarm figures.
  • It is able to turn the pages of a book, look at it and hold it for a while.
  • Draw lines and make other small marquitas on a piece of paper.

Physical skills:

  • In the use of their paws has developed well. For example, you take out the shoes and can hold a cup with one hand.
  • You can stand on a chair, a couch, or her crib.
  • Use the spoon or a fork to eat.
  • Manages to remove some of their clothing.

Maternity, month-to-month

  • If the day is good weather, I suggest that you pull out to the park to play, as outdoor activities are an important stimulus at this stage.
  • Your baby now does more things for your account, as get in the car seat and sort their toys, although there is still a hesitation: what does when he wants to, so that subtly you can guide him, without noticing, to do more things.
  • Don't forget that the ability of young children to learn and do new things is amazing. Take advantage of this to teach your child to acquire good habits and to obey you, even in the smallest things.

Tricks for mom and dad:

If your son or daughter has too much hair, but has always displeased him to wash, or is one of those that doesn't like mojárselo, we have a trick that may serve you, especially since washing the hair of your baby is not a matter only of aesthetics.

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  • The sooner you get in the habit, the better the chances that your child will enjoy caring for your hair in the future.
  • You can teach him to dip his head in the water and making bubbles is very entertaining.
  • You will soon learn to play in the tub, and in addition, you can wash the hair at the same time. In this way you will get allergy, pimples or itching because of the lack of washing.

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