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The child of 26 months is growing in the different areas of child development. On this occasion, we will make emphasis on some details in the that your baby should show progress both in the social and also emotional. Aspects of child development to consider:

Development in the speech:

  • It is expected that you're already using about 50 words and that this building simple phrases of two words.
  • Know what it is called, both he and the other people and responds when called by name.
  • Is able to follow orders in two steps as: “Take off your shoes and leave them here, please.”
  • Begins to say “no” when you don't want to do something.
  • Most of the time, you will understand what you are saying, although not all, of what you express makes sense, this will only happen around four years.
  • Young children often confuse pronouns, so tend to avoid them completely by saying “child eats” or “guagua " wants”.

Physical development:

  • Your child will continue to grow; although his head does so more slowly, his legs and torso start to lengthen, making the proportions of his body are more like those of an adult.
  • You can now eat a little, but anyway, still giving it a nutritious selection of meals.

Maternity, month-to-month

  • When the children insist time and time again in knowing what are your limits, patience and tolerance of a mother can be tested. Especially when you don't want to do what is asked of you, can get to be times very stressful.
  • Show empathy, that is to say, try to put yourself in their place and take into account their point of view helps a lot, since baby's vision is much reduced, as is natural for a small child.
  • Therefore, always before you act escúchale, give her time to express their upset or why you don't want to make any question and remember that he will have you as their guide or role model and the observation of your behaviour is part of their learning.

Tricks for mom and dad:

  • Although it is likely to do long trips with your child, as they are not as complicated now that it is bigger, it can still cost you a few days to adjust to a new place.
  • For that reason, we recommend you to bring some of their favorite toys and objects that you like to feel at home in the place they are visiting.
  • And as for you, acts-of-factly, follow routines that also do in your house, so you will create a pleasant atmosphere and you all will go very well.

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