Niño sentado en el suelo

Each day is bigger and you see new progress, your child will gradually controlling their movements, and many things that will surprise you. We tell you what you can expect in a child of 27 months.

Your little one has slowly begun to control how it moves. Holding things to girls, plays with them, and arm or disarm towers of blocks. You can also concentrate for a longer time or for longer periods.

Sometimes it will be so much fun stacking and sorting that he will become angry if you interrupt. You can warn you ahead of time that you can play with the blocks for five more minutes, but then it's time to eat, so that it will be easier for you to obey. It is better to give some warnings in advance that insist on abruptly terminated of play.

You must take into account that at this age, the behavior of many children presents a drastic change, which often manifests itself in frequent temper tantrums. You can feel upset with himself and with his parents while dealing with their conflicting feelings.

During this phase, parents do not have to give up or allow your children to fold the hand. They must be firm but at the same time treat them with love, so your child will be gradually adapting and growing according to their age.

Living through motherhood

If your partner are planning to have another child, I recommend that you consider how you can help your firstborn child to accept the new self. If the age difference is very noticeable, the baby will see his older brother as someone who can protect you and you will also have a hero who imitate.

May also occur some degree of competition to prove who is the best. Perhaps the most envious of the privileges of a minor or competes for achieve more attention and approval of parents. Can the child try to imitate the skills by which the great attention is given, but unable to do so, end up frustrated and making a tantrum.

It may initially cost a little related, but with the time will be docked to become the best of friends in good times and in bad.

Tricks for mom and dad

If you are one of those mothers who will not put problems to your child when she eats all of her food, because, in reality, what do you do, here we leave you a small shop that really finished eating.

The key is to make him be angry with you when they see you eating from your plate. Then, at that moment ask: “do I like me your food?” You will see that it gets to eat it quickly.

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