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Your little one already has two years and seven months, and has become increasingly independent, no longer do you needed all the time, now he likes to play alone or with your friends. On the other hand, Your child understands how to do things in accordance with the rules and standards that has been observed from the adults around them during the whole of his little life. Aspects of child development to consider:

Social and emotional development:

  • In pro of its independence, has learned to dress, use cutlery, ride a tricycle or something like that.
  • Also has already learned to talk and listen to others, is able to hold a conversation.
  • Each day they will gain the ability to fend for itself, that ability is much-needed in adult life and that is built little by little.
  • Can that make you angry mismatches in the rules, therefore it is recommended that you be as clear as possible as to what you want and he will obey.

Maternity, month-to-month

  • Soon learns that things do not always follow the same routines and patterns of behavior, but you will notice that this is also okay.
  • Probably, your baby is now reasoning in some of those difficult questions, such as, for example, where babies come from.
  • You must try to be as honest as possible, leaving behind the metaphors and euphemisms, speaking in a simple way.
  • The more you issue, the more confused you will feel your son. And if you catch palpándose the genitalia, do not worry. It happens more often than you think.

Tricks for mom and dad:

  • If your child is about to go off to kindergarten and you're going to have a new baby, try to send it as soon as possible. So it's not going to feel that you want to “get rid of him” because there comes a little brother.

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