niño caminando

Your little one is taking awareness of the presence of other people and that is why he has begun to look more carefully at his speech. Also, its growth has made notorious to the approach already in its three years of age, learning to jump and learning to balance on one foot. Aspects of child development to consider:

Social and emotional development:

  • The child will use different words and tones of voice with peers and adults. Even you will notice that you may use more simple language with young children with others of more age.
  • Is likely to begin or continue having some fears, or fears, for example of darkness, but you can go to dissipate with special attentions, like putting a lamp on your piece.
  • You may start to have nightmares, but with love and explaining to him that it was only a bad dream turns to sleep.

Physical development:

  • His fine motor is improving.
  • Has improved in brushing their teeth and washing hands, as well as in their drying.
  • Holds better things that you take with your hands, such as, for example, eating utensils.
  • Apart from drawing lines, is now able to draw shapes.
  • Is learning to know all the parts of your body, this is thanks to playing with more kids and have more contact with people.

Maternity, month-to-month

  • Probably, you may have noticed that your child with time it becomes more independent and has greater capacity of personal skills, such as washing or drying your hands.
  • Perhaps you'll be tempted to try to help you or to interfere with any of their actions. Try to stay calm, do not give too much importance to that has contaminated the bathroom, for example, it is essential that your child grows up enough confidence to take care of yourself and be self-sufficient.

Tricks for mom and dad:

  • You can give the example to your son or daughter how to use the toilet, letting him see how to use it, you and your partner.
  • Show him how to strip the string to look like is clean.
  • Make sure that the toilet is comfortable for them, buy an adapter seat and a small stool to support your feet.

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