niño de 33 meses

Your child of 33 months is about to serve three years, and may be that causes you to curiosity the mood of other people. Against changes in the sense of the mood or temperament perhaps your little one will ask why grandma is angry or her brother is sad note.

Expert: Barbara Alfaro, a professor of Nursing at the U. of San Sebastian

It is good that you try to give an explanation like: “The grandmother is angry because her kitchen is spoiled”, because it will help you to understand that emotions are normal and that it is okay to talk about them.

It will also give you peace of mind knowing that you are not to blame, nor have done nothing wrong to provoke them.

At this age, children can recognize gestures and tones of voice, and associate them to some emotion. For this reason, it is important to educate them about how to behave in front of their own. However, keep in mind that at this stage there is self-regulation, that's why they have tantrums when they are angry.

Living motherhood with a child of 33 months

On the other hand, your child is learning some things about your own personality. It is now more evident if his temperament is quiet, adventurous, reflective, or communicative.

Encourage her to explore the different aspects of his character, but tell her that whatever this, you want it and you accept it as is. For example, help him to know other children if he is shy, but never let a fool if you resist to join them. If you demonstrate that you respect that will help you to feel more secure and confident.

Tricks for mom and dad

If with your partner are of those parents that are concerned about change to your child of the double bed on your own or don't want to force it because you feel you are not ready. Here we have some tips that can help them:

  • It is recommended that children older than 6 months are in your own room.
  • If for some reason, not the parents moved the child to his room when he was small, this change should be made in a sustained manner, that is to say, have to going to bed often it is necessary in your room.
  • If during the night, the child comes to the part of the parents, must accompany him to his bed to sleep.
  • Consider that, as children grow, they must comply with different tasks of development, and the autonomy is one of them.

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