dos niños jugando

It is likely that your child is 35 months old now need only one small nap a day, or perhaps none. To follow the progress of your child in this new stage that we will explain below.

It may be convenient to schedule a quiet time of resting in the afternoon, even if your baby sleeps as if not, it can help to calm your day, and also yours. Decrease your pace of life in solitude for a while will help to calm down and regain your strength.

Living through motherhood

Your baby can focus on a single action and complies with activities that are more developed. Soon you will play games more elaborate with other children, for example, “la pinta”. It is a good time to invite your friends and at the same time, spend some time talking with other parents.

Tricks for mom and dad

If your child is starting kindergarten, and notes that some days they have a lot of sleep, you may need a nap. This may happen because the school activities make you tired much.

You'll sleep better at night if you take a little break in the afternoon for a nap, you'll see as you get better results in their performance.

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