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  • Visual stimulation
  • Stimulation, olfactory

The idea is to provide stimuli adequately and timely to the baby of 1 month, to allow you to achieve a development with wide variety of possibilities.

Visual stimulation

  1. Encourage the tracking and fixing of an object: Put hanging toys, mobiles, and objects with bright colors on the sides of his crib. Moving very slowly, a bright object (a light of a lantern, a balloon, silver etc ) from side to side for the baby to follow with eyes. Move it in small circles, then return the stimulus to the center trying to of the baby to set your attention on him. Get up close to the baby smiling and keep the object there where the baby have set your eyes. Then move it slowly from left to right, up and down. Put the baby face down. Hold a visual stimulus (a circle, the face of a doll, your hand, etc), in the place where the baby can see you (this is called your line-of-sight). Upload it to seven centimeters and then pull it. Repeat the exercise with a mirror. Let the baby touch the object.
  2. Extend the visual environment of the baby Burden to your baby so you can look around over your shoulder, sosténle the head.
  3. To stimulate the fixation and tracking of the object: When the baby is face up, suspended from a rope to an object striking (the doll is small, the drawing of a face, a rattle, toy keys). Once focused, move it gently in different directions. Place it in front of the face of the baby and help him / her with a finger to trace the outer contour of the object.
  4. To expand the visual field of the baby: When what you have loaded, place it in such a way that its visual field is as broad as possible. Looks by showing and naming things that are in the piece, in the living room, etc
  5. Recognize the human figure: Placed in front of their eyes, a sheet of twenty-five centimeters on a side, with a drawing of a human face drawn in lines very defined, preferably the figure in black on a white background. Takes care of the baby on his hands tying some colorful ribbons to your wrists.
  6. Reinforce the fixing of the gaze on an object and the follow-up that the baby makes those objects: Show objects that are eye-catching (your toy preferred, a puppet, a rattle; you can also use your hands by moving your fingers) and looks to fix your gaze. Once you've done that, move it gently. The baby will try to follow the movement. Feel the baby and give him a toy he can grasp easily. Stretches his arm to the front and shakes the object so that you can follow their own movements. Move your arm up and down and from side to side.
  7. Strengthen eye-hand coordination: Hang a mobile in such a way that the baby can reach out and touch the figures with their hands. Show, playing, each of its lower and upper limbs. Estimúlalo to touch his hand and his foot, alternately.

Stimulation, olfactory

To develop your sense of smell goes underneath your nose a sponge impregnated with different scents (lotion, cinnamon, vanilla, breast milk, etc); then move it from left to right, starting at the forehead, down the cheek and in the end towards his chest, belly and the thighs, so that the body is permeated by the aroma. Do it with a different scent each day.

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