ejercicios para bebés

These activities aim to the exercises for baby to build a dynamic relationship with their environment and effective learning.

Stimulation of socio-affective

1) Work on the relationship parent-child

  • Name it: takes Advantage of repeating his name in every one of the activities that you do with him.
  • Caress: it Is important that you arrulles and you smile to feel your love and thus reinforce its autoestimaa through kisses and gentle massage, with that you'll be delivering a lot of affection.
  • Talk cariñosamente: try to do it close to the child to watch your lips and so you will promote the language development of your child.
  • Sing or listen to songs: it is ideal to use soft melodies, especially during the periods in which you are awake.
  • Pull out: to places-lit and quiet.
  • Take in the arms: with confidence.
  • Feed her in her arms: with trust, time and peace of mind.
  • Get up close to the child: speaking in a gentle tone and affectionate, and stays in front of it smiling at her.
  • When this anxious: álzalo, embrace it and cálmalo with words sweet and kind.
  • Touching your face: if you don't, it takes your hand to explore it, while you're saying “this is mom, your mom”.
  • Talk: with a soft voice and slow,
  • Teach: by example, showing people close to you
  • Encourage the family: to assist in the care of the child
  • Place it well: put the child in the chair near the window or in a place where he can observe nature.

2) Develop social skills: Delivery the baby so that another person known to load it. Say aloud: "now the aunt is going to take Andrew”.

3) Strengthen the conformation of the image of himself.

  • Show the baby their hands, repeating: “these are your hands, the hands of Andrew”, muéveselas, make palmotee; to perform this exercise in front of a mirror. Remember that at this time the hands are his main centre of interest and a valuable tool for self-knowledge. Dale also small massage and tell him “nice hands you have”.
  • Compliment your first hint of a smile
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