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  • Stimulation, olfactory
  • Auditory stimulation
  • Tactile stimulation

The purpose of the exercises for baby of 2 months is for the child to build a dynamic relationship with their environment and effective learning.

Stimulation, olfactory

  1. Develop the olfactory capabilities of the baby: Let him smell some foods like the apple, the peach, the orange. You can do this several times a day.
  2. To discriminate different odors: Allows the baby to smell the aroma of fresh vegetables and fruits (there are some very aromatic mango, peach, etc), of flowers, of wet earth. Passes under the nose of the baby a sponge soaked with perfume of mom or dad. Drop them in front of the baby to try to reach them.

Auditory stimulation

  1. Develop the capacity of attention to the sounds: Shake rattle directly in front of the baby. Colócaselo then in the hand and muéveselo from right to left, raise him up and then take it back down. Amárrale to the wrists of the hands a cord with bells or a sound object. Let him listen to music boxes, radio, and television.
  2. To associate the sound with the movement: Talk to one side and the other of your face during all activities.
  3. Stimulate the perception of sounds: Shake sound objects (bells, phones or other musical toys, boxes with stones, cereals, etc), gently close your face, for the baby to try to turn their head. Do it to your right shoulder and then toward the left. Make some sound when the baby is crying; for example, repeats the cry, or say repeatedly, “ah, ah,ah”. Move a rattle up and down to fifteen inches around the baby. Sing a song short and move following the rhythm.
  4. To establish the association sound-movement: Put in the hand of the baby a toy sound (a kitten that sputters, a bell, a box with stones, etc, ) sacúdelo or tighten it as needed, several times, pausing. Lift up the baby and he loaded sing a song while you sound the toy.
  5. Recognize the human language: Read poems and small stories. Make sure to repeat frequently the name of the baby to keep your attention.
  6. Recognize the source of the sound: Let the child listen to a vowel sound (a letter, a syllable) for the baby to look for where it comes from. Once this happens, it is best to be seen to assimilate the sound to the human face.

Tactile stimulation

  1. Develop the perception of changes of temperature: it Passes through the baby's skin a towel moistened in cold water and then hot. Do it in the form of a massage from the head to the feet.
  2. Stimulate the perception of textures: Pet him when he is naked with objects that have different textures (smooth, rough, etc), tickle and frótale feet. Use items such as towels, sponges, plastic foams, etc
  3. Stimulate the perception quinéstesica, which is the sense by which is perceived the muscular movement, weight, position, etc) of the members of his body: take it Out naked in the open air for that perceive the sensation of the wind, the sun, the heat, the cold.
  4. Relax the muscles: Massage each of the parts of the body of the baby preferably permeates your hands with oil for the massage to be most effective. Helps to relax the tension of the cuffs by placing in their palms objects of different diameters (a ball, a cube, a ring, etc). Exerted on your palms pressure firm but gentle and try to hold them in place.
  5. Recognize tactilmente the parts of the body: bringing the hands to the center of the body, palmotea one against the other, rub them in a circle, llévaselas to the mouth. Caresses with them to other parts of your body.
  6. Recognize different textures: Let her touch objects with different textures, (a doll of plush, a piece of silk, a sponge, a carpet, a rough surface, etc) while you go on repeating it verbally rough”, “smooth”, etc

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