It is essential to learn how to care for the skin of your child from the UV rays because, according to the studies carried out by the Corporacion Nacional del Cancer, ultraviolet radiation, and has gradually increased in nine regions of Chile, between Arica and the Maule.

Expert: David Oschilewski, dermatologist Clinic City of the Sea

The figures are at least worrying. In just a decade more than doubled in Chile the number of cases of skin cancer. In this scenario, it is essential to take the precautionary measures to prevent a careless overexposure to UV rays has consequences both for the skin as well as the view.

The dermatologist Clinic City of the Sea, Dr. David Oschilewski states that “the measures of photoprotection should be used in winter and in summer. One of the first steps is to use solar filter, which allows to protect a large amount of radiation.”

The recommendation of the specialists is that the photoresist must be at an early age. The dr. Oschilewski points out “that since the 6 months it is recommended that the small use screens minerals, this up to two years, since, from that age can use solar filters. Children under the age of six months should not be exposed to the sun because your skin is freshly waxed and the radiation passes almost directly,” she adds.

After three years, the use of daily protection with a factor of 30 upwards is fine. To do this, add Oschilewski, ideally, the filter is applied 20 minutes before going out to the street so you can make your effect. If we use a factor 30 every four hours we have to re-apply it, but if it is above 50 there is reapplied to the lunch hour and at 17:00 hours,” says the specialist.

However the measures of protection are not limited only to the care of the skin, because the eyes are also permanently exposed to the radiation. The dr. Oschilewski states that “it is necessary to take all measures of photoprotection that is not limited to, the use of sunscreen, but we must protect our eyes, as prolonged exposure to UV rays can contribute over time to the formation of cataracts and damage the retina”.

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