The method of English Helen Doron is a franchise for children from 3 months to digest the English language as if it were his mother tongue. You have the method to teach English to children.

Expert: Pamela Athwani, teacher of Helen Doron Early English
In a globalized world, having a 2nd language is essential, especially English. The best stage to buy it is during the 1st period of life, since the brain of children and adolescents is developing their neural connections, and is especially receptive to language.
However, the acquisition of a language does not have to be a boring school assignment, less in children who do not yet learn to read and write. That is why it is coming to Chile a method that immerses the children in a comfortable environment and fun, where listening and repeating are using English in a natural way.
This is the system Helen Doron Early English, a system that allows children from 3 months of age to understand the English language through auditory experiences and kin├ęsicas along with their parents.
This system has been applied successfully for 27 years and has expanded into 32 countries, including Mexico, Peru, and Ecuador. Helen Doron Early English is preparing its landing in Chile, and is in search of franchisees to expand their teaching and convert to chilean children in bilingual individuals.

Learn listening

According to the own Helen Doron, the pulse intended to create, their method gave in 1984, when his daughter, then in 4 years, began to go to violin lessons, in which the teacher emphasized the learning by ear instead of teaching scores, so that small approaching the music in a natural way. “The notes are not the music” –note that I said the violin teacher- “It's like forcing a child to read before learning to talk.” It was a method created by the doctor Sinichi Suzuki to teach violin to the children.
Her daughter's experience with the musical approach of Suzuki took Helen Doron, a linguist by profession, to design a method of teaching English as a 2nd language based on the same concept, by ear, with educational material, specialized and high standards in education. Today your system has more than 3 thousand teachers who have taught more than 1 million of children throughout the world.
“When a child of about 12-15 months you ask how to say ‘red’ in English, is will remain the same; however, if you ask ‘What colour is this?’ (What color is this?), then you will answer ‘Red!’ (red),” says Pamela Athwani, teacher of Helen Doron Early English.
The method by Helen Doron offers activities for children from 3 months up to 18 years of age. Children can start learning at any age, since the method is tailored to each stage of learning.

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