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Here you will know some activities for you to do with your child according to each one of their skills.

To search for objects that have dropped and people who just lost visually

  • When the baby lets go of an object you have in your hands, show him where it fell and drive your hand up to reach it. Later let him look, with vista and after with the hand.
  • Drop a rattle near the baby, for you to find it with vista and then try to catch it.
  • When the child is exploring a toy of interest to, wait for it to slide of her hands to cover it with a fabric or material very light and semi-transparent, and encourage him to search for the toy and retrieve it by your own effort.
  • When the child is in the arms of another person, hole up and appears again, using the person holding the child as a screen to hide behind. Each time the child to see, play with him, laughing and talking.
  • When the child is interested in a toy, pass it by a tunnel made of cardboard in such a way that the child can appreciate the disappearance and appearance of the object.
  • While the child is sitting on the edge of the bed or a table, offer a toy not too small to enjoy with your exploration, you wait for the toy to fall to the floor to point out to the child this fall. Alcáncele new toy. As a variation to call your attention to the toy to eye level and drop it for it to continue in its trajectory towards the floor.
  • Call attention to the child with a toy of lightweight material (paper - cotton - pen), when the child is looking at the toy, láncelo up for the child to follow with the eye, in its upward trajectory, and then down.

Rolling over while lying down

  • Put the child to bed and play with him turning from one side to the other and gradually decreasing its activity, for the baby to increase yours. Reward every effort that the child's right to prolong the exercise, stroking it, kissing it, etc
  • Lie the child on their side and shake a rattle behind your back. Call him, talk, sing, for the child, trying to find the sound back up to find it to you or the squeaker. Reward them when it succeeds. Work on this activity by having the child first turns to one side until the middle line and then up the other side.
  • Present to the child a toy sound making it sound in your face, before your eyes; if you show interest, change your position and press again the toy, in such a way that the child will be forced to turn your head and your body to be able to see the toy that produces sound.
  • Offer the child a toy balancing it, to try to tilt your body to grab the toy.

Sit without help

  • Put the child to bed and took them out of the hands lift him up and sit him up; play with him, have him lie down again and repeat several times. If the child likes the game and wants to continue it, raise the head and shoulders and stretch the arms. Continue playing the game while the child show interest in doing so.
  • Feel the child and holding it to play with him. Release it slowly and hold while still seated. If you try to drop it, hold it back, let it rest and repeat the activity.
  • Recharge the child in a pillow high, show him a rattle, shake it and move it closer; when the child goes to catch it out to try to sit. Once you are seated let your child play with the rattle. Repeat the exercise, and go down gradually to the height of the support (pillow). Then do it with the child lying down.
  • Lay the baby face up and press a toy sound about 10 inches of height from your feet; if you are interested in the sound, the child will try to lift head or make any gesture to view the object that produces the sound.
  • Place the child sitting comfortably and taking it out of the hands swinging singing a song short pronunciándola clearly.

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