estímulos para bebés

Within the stimuli for babies we say that arrival this age your child, you will have a great ability to take objects, so it is a good time to encourage their visual development through activities that will help you to increase your hand – eye coordination.

  • Place it over the crib of the baby and the scope of their hands, mobile that he can operate easily.
  • Place an object in a bright color within the visual field of the child; when it is watching him take the baby's hand to touch the object and if you try to take it facilíteselo. When you release the object back to start and repeat the exercise until when the child reaches for the object without the aid and manages to catch it. You can perform this exercise with different objects, by placing them at different points, so that the child scope only, each time more easily, and go tweaking the movements of their hands in different directions.
  • Place an object in front of the baby a short distance and when he try to take it, move it to the left or to the right, so that he may continue the movement both with the view as with the hand. Let it reach the object for reward. Then repeat but this time making moves up, down and circular.
  • Place in front of the child an object, and when you are looking at, move closer and zoom out, so that the child follow the movement with the view and pick up the object when you have it at your fingertips.
  • When the child is interested in a toy, hide it completely in your presence; if you discover easily with the toy, repeat this activity under identical conditions. The time hide the toy in another site, for you to find it again. To hide it you can use 2 fabrics semi-transparent.
  • With 2 fabrics identical to distances accessible to the child, hide the object of his interest under 1 of the fabrics; when the child is looking to move the toy under the other fabric and encourage him or her to locate. Repeats the activity.
  • When the child is interested in a toy, tiny, hide it in 1 of your hands and introduce the 2 fists, giving a clue about the hand that you have (if it is sound making it sound or leaving to see a small part) and wait for it to go to the hand that you have. Repeat the activity changing hands for 3 or more consecutive times.
  • When the child has 1 toy in each of your hands, you can offer a toy and wait for him to decide what to do. Leave it to manipulate the object.
  • Give the child a few blocks of wood (small), give the person an opportunity to manipulate them and explore them. Make a tower with the cubes and when the child lie down, show him how to put one on the other, armando once again the tower.
  • The child present 1 toy that roll around easily (car - reel - reel - ball) on a flat surface; when you have focused their interest in the toy and let them follow along with the view. Ruédelo after to him to try to catch it.
  • Give the child a container of broad-based, with some small objects and encourage them to enter 1 of your hands and pull them up; when they are objects outside of the container, show her how to enter them again.
  • Introduce the child 1 toy on a table and at your fingertips; if he shows no interest in grabbing it, turn on to try to catch it.
  • Offer the child a thick cable and hard or stick and several casters equal (carreteles empty of thread or tape to typewriter). Show your child how you can insert them 1 to 1 for one of the extremes: after agítelas, sáquelas, make them rotate, etc, Repeat the exercise for the child to try to insert the casters (1° with the help).

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