estímulos para bebés

At this age it is good to stimulate your child to repeat the actions through which they obtain satisfactory results with the following stimuli for infants.

  • Cover your face with a diaper; take the baby's hand and condúzcala to take the tip of the diaper and pull it to remove it. When you uncover your face, laugh with him, talk to him, béselo, observe your reactions. Gradually make the child to pull the diaper without help, once your child discover the way to uncover your face for you to play with he will try to repeat his action to prolong the game.
  • Place it over the crib of the baby and the scope of their hands, mobile that he can drive. At the beginning it will do so by chance, and once you discover the way to do this, repeat your action many times.
  • When the child cries to go to its bed. Thus he will discover a way of asking your care when you need, wants company, is hungry or is wet.
  • Shake a rattle and watch to see if it calls the attention of the child. If the sound pleases him, he smiles, looks for, or expects a repeat, place it in the baby's hand and help him shake it, trying to ensure that he observe the movement. Little by little, decrease the force of your movement for the child to shake it only.
  • Take baby's hands and clap with them in front of their eyes. Each time the child to imitate the movement, play with him.
  • Hold the child when you extend your arms and consiéntalo. So you will discover the way to be lifted and caressed.
  • Offer the child 2 cylinders, 1 with base and other without base and in addition a toy of their interest tied to a rope. Show your child slowly how to introduce the toy by the hollow cylinder comes out the other side and when you enter in the other cylinder does not come out. Allow the child to operate the toy, encouraging him to experience the same activity.
  • Tie a toy sound to the ankle of a foot of the baby, to discover the sound that you get when you move the leg.
  • Give the child a string or a string attached to its ends, and with a few metallic objects light input (or a toy similar). Put the child in front of a table or any other solid surface, in such a way that by actuating the toy to discover the effect of sound produced, according to the intensity and momentum of his movement.
  • Place child sitting on a solid surface (a table or the floor) and then roll to her feet a ball of light and sound. Encourage him to move his feet and with his action, put in motion the ball.
  • Wait for the child to be shaking their feet, excited and place a toy or a mobile phone at the height of their feet, to hitting them with their movements. Be careful not to distract his attention with no other activity to discover the effect of their action.
  • Give the child a jar or metal box with a base broad enough, to knock with their hands and get an interesting sound that leads him to repeat his action.
  • When the child has been successful in hitting your hands an object that makes a sound interesting to offer a spoon, a popsicle stick or similar, and encourage him to use it to hit the object.
  • Place on a table to reach a tower made with wheels very light and a pellet in the butt; if he manages to tumbarla by accident, repeat several times the activity until you prove that it does so intentionally.
  • Offer the child a cone or funnel; pour grains of corn or beans in such a way that he would see when they fall within the cone and out the bottom hole. Encourage him to try to do.
  • When the child has a toy in the hand without looking at him, ask him to give " gave her the hand; if it does gratifíquele devolviéndoselo, giving thanks or giving another toy that is of interest to you.

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