8 meses y 3 semanas

Here you will know some activities for you to do with your child according to the skills they possess at this age.

  • When you leave your child alone, stay away from him gradually, talking to him. So, when you can't see it you will hear even your voice.
  • When the child cry in the face of a stranger, avoid comments, which affect their self-esteem, such as “as bobito, it became painful,” or “don't be shy.” Remember that it is a normal stage of development.
  • Begins to play with the child to the ball, sending her shot along the ground and encouraging him to return.
  • When the child is in the stage of “no”, stay calm, and be firm in those rules that all the child must meet.
  • When a child can start his training, in potty training, do not scold or punish, when not achieved. Instead of this, when you do, encourage him and consiéntalo.
  • As an adult, don't enter into competitions with other people for the affection of the children. Avoid saying, “you want more to your dad or your mom” or “isn't it true that I want more of me?”. For the child this is a difficult situation, which can lead to anguish.
  • Hold up several objects, among which is his favorite toy. Ask: “where is your...(toy)?”. Allows the child to select it.
  • Take the child every day a little walk out of the house. Talk to him in the meantime.
  • Sing to the child, nárrele stories (preferably inventive), recite nursery poems, invent games that grab their interest.

In front of a world of violence it is important that as an adult provide items for the child to be protected from that in a way appropriate to their age.

  1. Give the child a doll or toy that is attractive and “bautizelo” with the name usually associated with fright or violence: For example: a doll named “coco” . This doll is going to allow that when an adult scared the child by telling “comes the coconut and brings it”, the boy associated of new “coco” with a doll that you want to protect yourself from unnecessary emotions, and may include the risk of injury.
  2. Try to avoid the baby to watch, or listen to radio programmes or of television violent: As yet the child does not differentiate the external world from the internal, you may feel very distressed, in the face of something inexplicable and lived as real.
  3. Avoid giving the child objects of warfare (such as guns): These toys can be sure you will get the idea that “kill” is “normal”.
  4. Do not demand perfection of the child: the adult perfectionist, because of their own needs, neurotic, wants to be perfect and that those around you (including the child) are also applicable. This attitude may create situations of tension and in many cases, force the small to go beyond what their capabilities allows you to. The efforts perfectionists make the child feel insecure because it knows that it can never satisfy the adult.
  5. Do not give the child everything they want: Being realistic in life you can not have everything what you want (not only in the material aspect), therefore, it is important to deny some things which the child is seeking, encouraging a greater resistance to frustration. An attitude to give him everything he asks for create a child “spoiled”, who face obstacles and frustrations, may react with anger disproportionate, self-criticism, little objective and with a sense unfortunate failure.
  6. Avoid downloading in the child their own conflicts, problems, tensions, and emotions: Many times, children become the “scapegoats” of the adults and, as a result, they are going to grow prevented, distrustful and insecure. If you feel concern about something (for example, relating to your job), tell them verbally to the baby, in case that this concern will affect you in your behavior with the child. Instead of treating it in an abrupt way, say something like “I'm a little worried because I have difficulties in the job and I want to remove them quickly to be able to enjoy more my time with you.” Even if the child does not understand the words, if it captures their attitude and perhaps you can understand that your problem is not with him.

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