In this article you will find:

  • Follow objects with the view
  • Smile at occurrences that are visible and animated
  • Playing with their hands
  • Hold small objects in hand

Here you will know some activities for you to do with your child according to each one of their skills. The stimuli for babies of 2 months aim to develop the capabilities of small, motivating you with some specific activities.

Follow objects with the view

  • Cuddle the child, talk, sing, look into your eyes while she is giving the bottle or breast, so he set eyes on his face.
  • In front of the child to recite or sing verses accompanied by gestures, movements or sounds, such as rocking, hand clapping, head movements.
  • Place behind a piece of cardboard, a toy they call the attention of the child. Move the poster board to one side, then the other, with intervals of prudential, to be able to observe the object.
  • Place in front of the child objects of strong color to the look. If the child loses the object put in front of your eyes.
  • Place before the eyes of the child a toy, ideally luminous, bright and sound. When you are looking at, move it and aléjeselo slowly, to follow with the eye. If the child is lost, start again. Then move the object slowly to the left and right, up and down. You can also make small circles.
  • Show the child a toy hanging from a rope, moving it like a pendulum, so that the child will follow your movement with their eyes.
  • Show the child a ball, making it jump on a table and rolling it in different directions to follow with the eyes.
  • Show the child the toys in a bowl and when it is watching, shake the container so that the toys jump up and fall back into the container.

Smile at occurrences that are visible and animated

  • To motivate the smile of the child put in front of him, at a short distance, to talk to him, sing to him, etc, Celebrate, béselo and acarícielo every time you smile.
  • Cover your face with a diaper, in front of the child, remove the diaper, several times, looking for the child to respond to the game with smiles and gorgoritos.
  • When the child is looking at your face, place it on a cardboard and make your face appear and disappear in front of him. Play with the child every time you look at it, thus motivating her smile.
  • On a flat surface, place a toy on the move: spinning top, wagon, cart, etc, notice if it appears to smile during the movement and if the child makes any manifestation of wanting to repeat the action.
  • Attach a toy to a rope and make it appear and disappear inside of a container. Watch the reactions of the child. If you like the game, you surely will smile.

Playing with their hands

  • When the child has their hands closed, rubbing the back of his hand with objects that are very soft, so, the child will open the hand. Take advantage of then to grip your pinky finger or other small objects, easy to accommodate in the baby's hand.
  • Touch different points of the baby's hand to perform movements with them (open - close grab - withdraw).
  • Move a baby's hand to touch the other and wait for the interlock, drop them and repeat again the exercise until the child to stay with the clasped hands for several seconds, or imitate the movement.
  • Move the baby's arms clapping, hopefully in front of his eyes.
  • Leave light objects and small (rattles - pacifier - toy), close to baby's hands for the rozarlos occasionally, try to catch them and then the handle.
  • When you have lifted up the baby, let him touch your face and walk with his hands.
  • Show the child a light object that you have noticed that you really like; once the child shows interest and enthusiasm, drop the object on your chest and shoulders to try to look for it with the hands.
  • Place a small bracelet with little bells on the wrist of one of the arms of the child; moving the arm, the child discovers the sound that produces the bracelet. This will take you to move over your arms, to hear the bells.
  • Place the baby face down and place at your fingertips a toy that you like. Encourage your child to strive to look at it and touch it.
  • Offer the child a toy lightweight but large enough that will allow you to use your 2 hands to grab it and manipulate it.
  • When the child is interested in, manipulating a toy, and it will slide out of their hands, give opportunity for him by his own effort to recover.
  • Show the child a mobile made with pictures of eye-catching colors; I hope that the move will produce a nice sound, and let them grip the figures and enjoy the toy. Place the mobile in different positions and distances.

Hold small objects in hand

  • Place a rattle in the hand of the child, help him or her to hold it for a few seconds, several times, returning to place it in your hand when you drop it.
  • Place the rattle in the baby's hand and helping you, shake it several times, for him to try to mimic the movement.
  • Show a light and strong colours in the child, once you show interest for the object, move it closer to your hands to touch it, grip it and hold it.
  • Show the child small toys of different shapes and textures (push - hangin ' on a string - making it sound); once that you are interested in a toy, offer it to grip and manipulate.
  • Offer the child objects within a container to try to dig their hands in and take them out.
  • When the child is holding a toy in 1 of your hands, you can offer a 2nd toy to achieve that you use the 2 hands at the same time.
  • Offer the child 2 toys easy to grab, 1 for each of their hands, then offer a 3° toy to encourage him to “take a decision”.

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