bebé sonriendo

The goal of these exercises is that your son manage to reach an end by different means. The idea is that the child will be able to provide a fact related to its action or with the “activity” of an object.

  • Give the child a toy and then ask him for it. At the beginning recíbaselo in the hand and gradually go alenjándose for the child to find a way to deliver it (to launch it, close to you, etc)
  • When the child shows interest in an object or playing with him, ask him for it or colóqueselo in a place difficult to reach (above for example), shake the toy by calling the attention of the child to try to catch it again (stretching, standing, leaning on you, pulling your other hand or dress, etc) reward any effort the child by giving him the toy.
  • Take advantage when a child drop a toy to make the look with the view (move it, move it) when the child finds it, encourage him or her to the child to try to reach him (crawling, forward, sitting, stretching, etc)
  • Lay the baby face up and press a toy sound about 10 inches of height from your feet. Will be interested in the sound, will try to lift head or make any gesture to view the object that produces it. After you move the legs to power through them, the rattle and so as to achieve that mimic the action by itself.
  • After the child has become familiar with the timbre of a clock or the sound of a toy, hide it and make it sound for the child to follow the track, look for and discover.
  • Give the child a plastic bottle with cap for pressure and a small doll inside. Encourage him to remove the doll using any means (pressing the bottle, removing the lid with your fingers or with your mouth).
  • Give the child a jar with a screw top and not very tight to try destaparlo and put the lid back on.
  • Give him a box stuffed with a toy inside for who is interested in opening and closing (insert the toy in the child's presence).
  • Give the child a bottle and a necklace of seeds small and encourage him to enter the collar from the neck of the bottle.
  • Offer the child 2 boxes hole, of different sizes; destápelas and ask that it be re-cover looking for the cover.
  • Place in the outline of a container with the lid off of regular-size, 2 elastic cords of different thickness, in the form that they are temperate. Show how to trigger the strings to produce sounds and encourage her to operate and enjoy the effect.
  • Offer the child a rattle or any other object music easy to activate with a stick or their own hands. Show your child how to achieve the sound effect, and let him turn it how he could. Also, use a drum, tambourine, shakers, bowl, ribbed, hood, pot lid, etc
  • Offer the child an inflated balloon, with a long rope and let him hold the rope and release the balloon into the room, to kick, push with the hands and then recover by itself every time.
  • Offer the child a bell with a rope that was tied to the pendulum. Once the child has fastened the rope, remove the hood and place it at some distance, in such a way that upon actuation of the rope to produce an interesting effect that takes the child to search for the bell, either crawling towards it or pulling the rope.

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