bebé en la cama

The idea is to help the child to successfully understand what is the space and build an image of this concept in your mind.

Stimulation to children in the stage II ( 1 – 4 months)

  • Lift the child and scroll with him to different places of the house; explain how is the ride and where to arrive.
  • Cuddle the child in different parts of the body and menciónelas. Beselo in the back, head, arms and invisible parts to it.
  • Fill a container with leaves that do not use and that are wrinkled, please call the attention of the child on the container, and when you look at it, shake it to the papers jump out.
  • Place an empty container on the floor, lift the child and muestrele to the front of a toy (a rubber puppet, for example). When the child is looking, drop it into the container with the order for the child to follow the displacement and listen to the sound it makes when dropping the toy.
  • Place a bracelet of little bells small on the wrist of the child, for that sound when, by chance, the child shake the arms; the child will hear the sound, and you can see and feel the bracelet around your arm, which will look and sound.

Stimulation to children in the study III (4 – 8 months)

  • Place 3 objects striking at different distances from the child and encourage him / her to the scope , 1 for 1; the child vivenciará the “farther” and “closer”.
  • Offer the child 2 containers of different size, and if it does not spontaneously, show him how to enter 1 in the other.
  • Ofrezcale the child familiar objects of various shapes, such as pencils, combs, spoons, nipples, pacifiers, balls, etc Into a container; allow the infant to explore and manipulate.
  • Present to the child a cart or other toy that can roll, by a surface slightly inclined; let him notice the slippage or displacement of the toy and encourage him or her to the same place it into motion.
  • Ofrescale the child 2 toys or geometric shapes (for example circles or squares) of same, after you manipulate them, will join them, beat them, and compare them with one another.

Stimulation to children in the IV stage (8 – 12 months)

  • Sit on the floor in front of the child, and roll towards him a ball; then, encourage him to return, play well for a while. Then roll the ball beyond the reach of the child and encourage him to crawl around, retrieve it and return to the site where you are to continue the game.
  • Put your hand in the shape of a fist, with a hole in the center; take a finger of the child and enter it, press a little your hand and encourage the child to remove the finger. You can go saying words like “inside” and “outside”.
  • Place several objects on the floor or on the bed and ask the child to check inside a box that you have on hand; celebrate when you do and encourage him to take them out.
  • Allow the child to move for different places of the house. When you are in a room, call it from another to which we look for; when you find it, premielo. Name the different sites in which it is located.
  • Out to stroll outside the house, and nombrele the different things he sees.

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