For many new parents, the whole question of maternity is a bit confusing, and when the time comes to stimulate their babies do not know how to act. This is why below you will learn some tips about the stimuli for the infant of 12 months, which in addition, help your child create a unique connection between you:

Stimuli for the infant of 12 months:

Understand your name and orders are very simple

  • Try to call the child by name, looking for him to turn your head, when you do compliment it.
  • Put the child in front of a mirror and pointing your image to repeat several times his name. When you lower the view, call it again so that when you look in the mirror see back your image, repeat again your name.
  • During the play activities with the child to use simple commands as “look - takes - dame - strip - search - grab, etc .. ” accompanying the corresponding action. Then let him know how proud you are for having done so.
  • Offer the child a doll with features that are well-designed and ask where are the eyes, mouth, hands, etc., When the child points to the part referred to, clap and then point to the corresponding part in him and in you. Saying for example: the hair of the doll, the hair of the child, etc

Pronounce some words clearly

  • Try to talk with the child. Whenever you are with him, to pronounce the words clearly, in front of the child and take advantage of any word that you tell the child to encourage its repetition, showing if possible the named object.
  • When you are playing with the child, tell clearly the name of the objects used during the activity, emphasize the objects that have names easy, reward the child's attempt to repeat the words.
  • When the child the call using language, seek medical advice immediately and motivates the repetition of the word employed by him.
  • Give the child a book or magazine with simple shapes that are familiar to you and with names easy to pronounce. Example: a bed, soup, house, etc, Show each of the figures, saying the name and showing the real object. Give him a chance to turn the pages if he wants.
  • When you go out to the street with the child try to tell you the name of the objects and situations to observe and make greater emphasis on those which the child shows interest. This can make it especially on their visits to the park, grocery store, bakery, etc
  • Use a figure of the animal that the child in connection with that known, for example: cat, dog, chicken. When you display the figure mimics the sound emitted by the animal: “meow, meow”, the cat's meow, for the child to imitate the voice of the animal.
  • Take advantage when a noise draws the attention of the child to show the object that produced him, to repeat the noise and to encourage their imitation. For example, the noise of a plane, car, door, doorbell, water-jet, etc

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