Papá e hijo

Here you will know some activities for you to do with your child according to the skills they possess at this age. By performing this type of stimuli it will help with their psychomotor development.

Imitate and vary actions with parts of the body and the voice (with sounds known and unknown to him)

  • When the child is lying down, put a rattle next to her feet and push it with these, several times. Each time that the child will actuate the rattle with his feet, clap their hands, acarícielo, etc
  • Sit your baby on your legs and position yourself near a hand and on it a toy for the child to play with him. Take baby's legs and lift them up to bang the table below, several times, with irregular intervals, so that the child hit the table imitating the movement.
  • To produce noise with a different object (drum, whistle, tambourine, maraca, radio, door, etc) imítelos you repeatedly with his voice to motivate the child to do so also.
  • Make sounds with your voice (laughter,humming, crying, murmuring, vocalizations, babbling) front and close to the child each time he imitates a sound or emit a different, reward her with kisses and caresses and then repeat only this sound. Any variation that the child of the sound so use it to your repetition.
  • Offer the child a toy and at the same time that it moves, imitates the sound that it produces. Use for example a train repeating Cuchu.....cuchu...chucu....; a car rum...rum...,etc
  • Give him a hat of his measure; if the child indicates that the hat is for the head, place it on the ground and show him a mirror. Remove it and give it in the hand in front of the mirror so that the child is put only.

Crawl forward and backward

Always let it crawl to your child, he needs to roam the house, moving by itself.

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  • When the child is crawling, he put on the floor in front of him and gently push back to make it back in that position.
  • Place the child in a position of crawling and in front of him a cart with a rope. When the child reaches the car, away pulling the rope to the child, crawling forward, go trying to reach the car.
  • When the child is interested in a toy, ask him for it and place it on the floor away from him. Encourage him to reach again the toy. If not only, place it in a position of crawling and push it gently in the direction of the toy.
  • Offer the child a toy wheel with a rope and encourage him to pull the rope and move by crawling backwards. If the toy is sound will be of greater interest to the child.
  • When the child is crawling on the floor, hole up behind the door of the piece and ask the child to look it up, if you are puzzled, llamélo knocking on the door, or let them see part of the dress.

Walk while

  • Take the child of the 2 hands while standing still and pulling them to take a few steps forward, backward and side.
  • Place the child standing, leaning on a hand or the bed and show her an object of interest, when you reach for it, move the toy around the table, or the bed, for the child to walk leaning on it. Reward them leaving you to achieve the object, trying to increase each time the number of steps.
  • When the child has an interest in an object, place it up so that it stops when you try to catch it. Once that is stopped holding the wall, go away little by little the toy so that the child of a few steps leaning on the wall. Reward her by giving him the toy but encourage your child to each time you increase the number of steps.
  • Go on an outing with the child, and provide opportunities for walking, caught hold of his hand then lift it to reward him and let him rest.
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