These exercises help the child to understand the causality of things and to grasp how they occur and why they are the situations that surround it.

Stimulation to children in the stage II (1 – 4 months)

  • Let him touch toys that sound (for example, a rubber puppet that when you press it gently emits a beep). If the child does not spontaneously place their hands on top of his and press them to produce the sound. If the child is interested, do it several times until you try to do it by himself.
  • When the child is taking milk, gently remove the nipple or nipple and after a pause of rest, re-place. The child will be associating the obtaining of the milk by using their own sucking on the nipple or bottle.
  • In jars, clear plastic, place seeds, buttons, pebbles, etc, and in front of the child move the bottle; so you will know the cause of the sound.
  • Position yourself in front of the child, show him a hand and as soon as he look at it, scroll slowly to one side. Then ring fingers (chasqueándolos) then move to the center of the hand and once there, place it next to your other hand and comiéncela to move to the other side. Repeat there the action with the fingers. When the child has seen the cause of the sound and react to it, ring the hand that he left in the center for the child all by himself, turn the head and find your hand; when you do, bring back the hand to the side as he did at the start. Now you're with your 2 hands, one on each side of the baby's head (without leaving the field of vision of him). Snap her fingers, alternating hands and give time for the child to find the sounds. Béselo at the end of the game.
  • Move to different distances, speaking to the child for him to follow it with your eyes.
  • Take both of the child's hands and bring them towards each other, palmeándolas.

Stimulation to children in the study III (4 – 8 months)

  • Place the child face up, and the scope of their legs moving in such a way that when you move those touch mobile phones. Reward her and clapping and allow you to repeat the action.
  • Approach to the child with a transistor radio and show him how to turn the button to the garment and how it shuts down. The child will repeat their action in order to cause the sound.
  • When the child emits a chirping or babbling, shadow him, establishing a conversation with him.
  • Put on soft music, and wait for the child's attention; then lower the volume of the music and tararee you allowing the infant to look after, encourage him to “sing”. Repeat the sequence several times.
  • When you move the child after bathing him, talk to him about how good it feels to be dry; when you feed her, talk to her after what satisfied feels the hunger; when I view point out verbally the difference between wearing clothes and not having done so, it does not matter that the child does not fully understand the meaning of his words; it is convenient for you to use inflections in the voice.

Stimulation to children in the IV stage (8 – 12 months)

  • Present the child with a mobile phone very light and show him how to set it in motion in various ways, blowing, touching him, etc, Let the child try.
  • Sing and while doing so, take the baby's hand to your mouth and place it there; immediately stop singing; then remove your manito and try to sing, repeat the action several times and wait for the child to understand the effect, encourage him to “sing” and when you do, tápele the baby's mouth, if he shut up, reward her and celébreselo.
  • When the child say “mom” or “dad” make sure that between the person that called, to go associating the name with the person and he say it as a way to get attention.
  • Give various musical instruments (a bell, a drum, a tambourine, maracas, etc), 1-by-1. Let discover by yourself as you set it in motion and if you can't find the way, teach him to “produce music” and let them enjoy the effect of his actions.
  • When this feeding, name the things she sees, for example “bread”, “soup” ,”egg”, etc., Show clearly what it is that appoints them.

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