The specialists on the subject have established the relationship between the emotions of the mother during pregnancy and the emotional state of the baby; that is to say, the attitudes of the mother can determine the personality of your child.

Research on stimulation pre-and post-natal have shown that it is most important for fetal development, for example, influence a better ability to follow objects with the eyes, a greater control of the head and a movement and muscle tone, better developed.
According to the latest references on the subject, a baby is born with 10 billion neurons, which may create a large amount of connections to each other. These connections or synaptic connections between neural cells determine the structure of the brain, and its action is favored by the prenatal stimulation. This is critical, because if the neurons are not stimulated, they disappear. Then, while more neurons are interconnected, the greater cognitive skills and social and emotional skills in the person.

What is the prenatal stimulation?

The main objective is to promote the learning of the baby inside the womb, enhancing their mental evolution, and sensory. This can be done by using various stimuli such as the sound of the voice of the mom, to music, to be patted on the tummy, vibrations and light, which creates a feeling of well-being in the creature.
To make these stimuli properly, the baby learns to give them a meaning within a context; they must be, therefore, consistent and occur repeatedly. Thus, they form patterns that are associated in the brain of the baby.
By stimulating prenatal dads communicate with their son or daughter through techniques of visual, motor, auditory, and tactile.

Advantages of a baby is stimulated in the uterus
  • Advanced development in the fields of visual, auditory, linguistic and motor.
  • Achieves a birth more relaxed, with hands and eyes open.
  • Sleeps and eats better food.
  • His power of concentration is more prolonged, and their learning is faster.
  • Enhances their language skills, music and the whole creative aspect.
  • It develops their curiosity and exploration of the world.
  • It captures and processes the information with speed.
  • Recognizes sounds and the voice of their parents.
  • Is attentive to what surrounds him and increases your memory.
  • Expands your emotional ties.

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