Expert: Dafnis Zambrano, a specialist in prenatal stimulation

There are many capabilities of a baby in the womb – it is possible to open your eyes and feel stimuli from the outside –, so that the mother is then in the stage of gestation influences in a big way in its development.
It is very important to undertake activities to stimulate the baby in the second trimester of pregnancy, which include processes that affect the visual development of the small and other senses, as the ear, where the voice of the mom, the music, the pressure and the light play a fundamental role. Through this communication with the infant, it learns to recognize and respond to patterns created by her or by her dad, who hone their physical and mental development.
On the other hand, the stimulation is accompanied by an optimal state of well-being in the mom, so that release endorphins and enkephalins, hormones that transmit pleasure to the fetus.
Among the advantages of stimulation before birth will have a better development in the fields of visual, auditory, linguistic and motor; power concentration and attention; sleep without problems; the state of alert is higher; the child is gentle and safe; learn more and quickly; and the link with the parents is more profound, being an important factor to the hour to quell the small voice of one of them.
Therefore, everything that dads do from the second quarter will have a positive impact on the baby, allowing his nervous system to mature properly. This is so because it is in this period where you shape the neural structure in your brain, leading to a greater amount of connections between nerve cells that are gradually your whole body.
In this connection, it is relevant to know that the ear is the first organ that is developed (approximately the fourth month), becoming the main medium to connect with the outside of the womb.

How to stimulate the infant while in the uterus

It should privilege the auditory stimulation; for this the mother should take the initiative to talk to the baby, telling him about everything he does in the day.
This you can do it from waking up, giving him a greeting of hello, or commenting the temperature of the shower, or how rich is the breakfast. Each thing you do can be shared with the child she is carrying in its interior.
Once you know if it is a boy or girl, it is ideal to call you by your name, or tell you a diminutive or nickname that will form a close relationship with their parents from the very beginning.

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