Phimosis is absolutely normal in babies, and will improve alone with the passage of time, without the need of treatment.

Expert: Sandra Montedonico, surgeon at children's Clinic City of the Sea

Many times we have heard of circumcision as a religious practice and culture related to the islamic world, however, this operation is usually performed in children who have a narrowing in the foreskin of the penis.

“The foreskin is the skin that covers the penis, and when it is close, it does not allow retraerla to leave uncovered the glans. This tightness of the foreskin is called phimosis. The phimosis is absolutely normal in babies, and is getting better on its own without the need of treatment with the passage of time,” explains dr. Sandra Montedonico.

The specialist points out that circumcision is recommended, starting about 4 years, only for those children who continue with phimosis, however, emphasizes the importance of distinguishing between the tightness of the foreskin and other pathologies.

“It is important that the surgery is well indicated. There are many children who have adhesions between the skin, preputial and glans, without having a narrow real, that is to say, without being a phimosis. This is what we call adhesions balanoprepuciales, and most of the times subside spontaneously with the passage of time”, says the dra. Monted├│nico.

When there is phimosis, the foreskin does not allow the glans to slip during the erection, causing pain. “There is No age cap to perform a circumcision, in fact, there are many adults who also are operating”, and emphasized the surgeon.

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