The process of prenatal stimulation is not the only role of the mother, the father should also be committed to perform the same activities that she does and to strengthen the affective bond with the little one.

Something that is very effective in this regard is to caress the belly of the mother so that the baby will feel how much you love and expect.

What can be done

For example, when the mother is bathing, you can drop water on the belly, by altering the intensity of the water, which the baby will pick up as various sounds in the inside of it.
A way to stimulate the sense of hearing is to generate noise with soft rattles or other toys near the belly.
Another good idea is to sing and read to her, to go assimilating the voices of their parents and calms down more easily when you listen to it once it is born. You can read stories or books that are more complex that stimulate their creativity and intelligence early. Whatever you choose, you have to create a daily routine, at the same time (the mom may put an alarm or reminder on your phone for this purpose). In this way, it creates a very useful tool that will serve in the future, when the baby is restless or cries non-stop.
It is advisable also to dance and listen to music. There are melodies that in addition to relax the baby have an effect on their brain development, as the classical music –especially Mozart–; in fact, any music, relaxed and with moderate volume will be well received by the baby. Dads can transfer their musical tastes to their offspring.
To stimulate baby's vision, the mom can be in a room with lots of light and the discovery of the womb for 30 seconds and then turn off the light, repeating several times. In the summer you can follow the same sequence, but in the sun, covering the belly with a black cloth every 30 seconds for the baby to experience variations between light and dark, which are beneficial for him.


Other activities suggested by the experts can be done between mother-son or with the father of the baby. The important thing is to create a relaxed and peaceful atmosphere to carry them out.
The mother should be relaxed, in a comfortable position, with the bare belly and with a pleasant temperature, with light and soft music. A bed or a chair are ideal. When you are in that state, with eyes closed, you must caress the belly and make circular movements by your entire tummy, from below to above the navel.
This is a way of massaging the small, tranquilizándolo in case you're restless. Once you achieve this relaxed state, you should talk about the daily activities and the feelings that come flooding back to parents, how to await your birth, what fears and concerns they feel, and, in particular, to express to you the immense love you feel for him and the desire I have of knowing him.
This calming atmosphere is ideal to perform the imagery –or visualization– of the child on the way. You can imagine acostadito and wrapped, or in the arms, attached to the body of their parents, seeing how the heart beats of the mother or father arrullan. It is also possible to imagine within the womb, how it is growing and forming each part of your body until it is ready to be born and get to know their papitos.
Finally, this space of relaxation ends up saying good bye to the baby, to then move with great care the arms, legs, and head, opening the eyes to complete the special moment with the beloved son.

Benefits of relaxation
  1. Greatly improves the labor
  2. Helps prevent a possible depression
  3. Calm fears and anxieties during the pregnancy
  4. Strengthens the bond of attachment in the parent-child
  5. It has great advantages in the evolution of physical and psychological the baby arrived in the world. Its development proceeds successfully.

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