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How do you prevent the pesky symptoms urogenital female? Along with explain why they occur and the treatment required, we can give you a number of tips that women should keep in mind to have a good health, urogenital.

Expert: Pilar Valenzuela, gynaecologist specialist menopause Health Network UC

Chilean women have -on average - a frequency and severity of symptoms urogenital similar to women from other countries of the region, according to what was reported in various questionnaires that assess quality of life, presence of climacteric symptoms and sexual dysfunction applied to Latin american women.

“It has been reported that 36% of chilean women between 40 and 59 years have sexual dysfunction, being vaginal dryness is the main factor associated with”, says the dra. Pilar Valenzuela, physician gynecologist Health Network UC.

The dra. Valenzuela, who is a specialist in aging, says that at least 1/3 of all women will during their life troublesome symptoms in the vulvovaginal area (external female genitalia and vagina).

There are, he says, many possible causes of symptom urogenital ranging from those slightly annoying to debilitating, and include vaginal discharge, irritation, burning, itching, and pain (associated or not with sexual activity). It is also frequent the presence of urinary incontinence, genital prolapse and symptoms irritative bowel and bladder (increased urinary frequency at night and -in general - feeling not empty the bladder completely).

Symptoms and treatments

There are various symptoms to warn the woman about the presence of a problem uroginecol├│gico, and that you have to pay attention to. Among them, the presence of vaginal discharge other than the usual itching in the vulva or vagina and pain when urinating can be due to an infection, vulvovaginal or urinary tract.

In addition, says the dra. Valenzuela, “vaginal dryness or pain with sexual intercourse are frequent displays of observe associated changes urogenital characteristic of this period.” Also are abnormal, the involuntary escape of urine, the sensation of a lump vaginal, and changes in the pattern of voiding.

“If the discomfort is due to an infection, corresponds to treat it. To improve the vaginal dryness alternative is to use lubricating gels or hormonal preparations for local use in the vagina. Urinary incontinence and the prolapse can be managed with exercise and therapeutic exercise of the pelvic floor; while in more severe cases many times the treatment is surgical,” he adds.


During menopause, infections that affect the urogenital tract of women are similar to those that affect women of childbearing age, although the changes urogenital that occur, secondary to the deficit estrogenic characteristic of this period, may be more frequent, warns the dra. Valenzuela.

“In postmenopausal women is lost in the folds vaginal, thins the vaginal mucosa and its muscular layer; there are changes that occur at the level of the vaginal flora that affect the local pH, increasing the susceptibility to vaginal and urinary tract infections”. If well are discomfort treatable, some of them affect the quality of life of those who suffer from them to a greater or lesser extent. All of this will depend on the disorder and the particular characteristics of each woman.

“For example, the lack of proper lubrication will affect much more the quality of life of a woman who is sexually active, the woman is not; in the same way the presence of incontinence of urine associated with effort the worse it will be tolerated by a woman athlete for a woman that is sedentary,” says the specialist.

In the case of the diabetic woman, accurately, that those that have a good metabolic control do not have big differences with non-diabetic women. In both, in women with poor control (represented by blood glucose and other tests repeatedly outside of the range recommended) are most commonly seen urinary tract infections and vulvovaginal infections candida (fungi).

Good health urogenital

The dra. Pilar Valenzuela gave a variety of tips that every woman should keep in mind for maintaining good health, urogenital tracts, independent of age.

  • Do not use panty liners.
  • Make the toilet genital without soap and only with water, since these habits may be associated with an increased risk of infections.
  • In the presence of discomfort associated with sexual activity, consult early. In the great majority of cases is of easy solution.
  • There are exercises for the pelvic floor muscles that may help prevent and manage urinary incontinence and genital prolapse.
  • The women who are in menopause should not assume that disorders urogenital are due solely to the low levels of estrogen. The symptoms should be investigated by a doctor to identify the cause and possible treatment.
  • It is recommended a complete evaluation and regular health urogenital to all women during and after menopause, regardless of whether they have symptoms or are sexually active.

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