Changing diapers is not complicated, but yes you have to take into consideration some precautions, such as, for example, locating in a place that is comfortable to your baby and make sure the diaper is tight.

The change of moves and have your son entourage is fundamental, in order to keep you out of problems of irritation and / or dermatitis.

To begin, you must have knowledge that there is a great variety of diapers on the market, both in price and in quality. In this case the decision is in your hands. There is also the possibility of a diaper of gender, and despite the fact that the solution is cheaper, the chances of irritation on your baby's skin are larger.

When you have the diaper that you consider more appropriate, you should place your baby in a comfortable, flat surface and, hopefully padded, if not put a diaper gender, or blanket on the surface, in order not to expose the baby to infections.

How to move a baby

Remove the adhesive of the diaper, if it is disposable, and voltéalos, so that they do not touch the skin of your baby. At that time do not remove immediately from the diaper. See if there's caquita, because if it is so, first, clean from front to back with the diaper. Beware not to happen to bring the penis if it is a boy, or lips of the vagina if it is a girl. Everything must be done with smoothness and control.

You still have not completely removed the diaper. Taken with a hand to the ankles of your child and lift only your legs upwards. Slightly lifting his glass and fold the diaper for the dirty part low your buttocks, so that the caquita do not re-touch your skin.

In that moment, take a wet wipe or cotton with cream emulsion, and clean what is left. Take a look at tidying up always from front to back, taking care not to get anything dirty, even between the folds of your skin. In this way, will be avoided, especially in young girls, the introduction of bacteria and infections in your vagina.

Up a little bit more in the glass of your baby and clean up the lower part of the back, in the case that it is dirty. If it is possible to wash under the spray of a water faucet would be fantastic, nothing better than the water in abundance.

To change the dirty diaper, take a clean one, open it and put the largest part supported to the back, with the adhesives open to both sides. Now fold the excess of the diaper upward, to the height of the belly of your son. In the case of men, leave your penis pointing down, so that urine does not exit at the top.

Make sure the diaper is well made, and does not harm the baby's legs. In that moment, taking one and then the other adhesive, and the paste on both sides of the diaper, so that it is firm, but do not squeeze the belly of your bus.

For the newborn, try and make sure the diaper does not stop with the umbilical cord. Fold it down if that should happen, although in the market there are diapers special for these cases.

Then close the dirty diaper, using the adhesive tapes. Wrap them up, cast them to a bag and bótalo to the trash. Now wash your hands and dress your baby.

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