piel y embarazo

The skin of the woman undergoes a series of changes during the pregnancy, which will give you several headaches. While many are transient and unique to this period, must not be overlooked.

Expert: Alicia Flores, a specialist of the Chilean Society of Dermatology

When are you going to be " mom " life takes a 180 degree turn. No longer do the same things as before, you get tired more, you become a little evil genius, give you cravings, etc., etc. However, one of the changes most evident during this process is the skin, since it will leave streaks, stains and even, in some cases, acne.

All of this is a by-product of the hormonal changes that occur during pregnancy and although some are just passengers and normal, because during this stage is stimulated temporarily the production of melanin, the pigment that gives color to the skin. However, we must not let down our guard, because then it is difficult to fix them, but it's not impossible!

Alice's Flowers, a specialist in dermatology of the Chilean Society of Dermatology (Sochiderm), the 1st sign of why something occurs in the skin of the pregnant, are the so-called “blackheads”, as a product of the anxiety and, in some cases, poor diet and that is where the hormones start to wreak havoc. Although it should be noted that not in all cases this situation occurs. It is important to know that “should not apply products in a way automedicada, since the reaction of the skin is not the same when you are pregnant and can cause a major problem,” emphasizes the doctor.

Another of the signs that are of most concern to moms-to-be, and the more frequent, if you do not have the safeguards needed, are stretch marks as the skin starts to sag. To do this it is important to the application of special creams that are for pregnant women and that prevent the emergence of these “cracks” in the skin, although you should always be supplemented with a balanced diet, " explains Flowers.

On the other hand, it also presents chloasma or melasma, which are dark spots that appear on various parts of the body, mostly on forehead, cheeks, nose and forearms, which are increased due to exposure to the sun and can be transformed into final, says the specialist.

The important thing is to take all the necessary guarantees to prevent these changes that often occur during pregnancy. But don't be afraid, because now the market offers various technologies and products that will make you be even more beautiful, both during the pregnancy and after you give birth.

Welcome to motherhood!

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