dermatitis del pañal

Dermatitis is irritation of the skin covered by the diaper, presented in small, red pimples, areas swollen and red, which can be extended up to the belly and the thighs of the baby.

The dermatitis can be prevented. You only have to change the diapers more frequently and consistently. Wash only with water, without forgetting the folds; if you are washing with soap, don't do it as often because it weakens the natural protective barrier that covers the skin. Another option is that during hot days your baby spend time without diapers. And in the evenings, if the skin of your child is easily irritated, you can put an ointment base of zinc oxide.

If the problem already exists, the treatment is based on frequent changing of diapers, checking to see if it gets wet or dirty every 1 hour and at least 1 time during the night. At each change lávale thoroughly with warm water, removing any traces of cream have been. Do not use towels or cloths, for the pain that you can cause to your child, increasing the irritation. It is best to wash it in your bathtub dripping warm water from a jug or sponge.

In these moments, do not use baby wipes or disposable impregnated in soap because it can cause more irritation. When you're finished dry your skin to the air, leaving him without diapers. If the weather is not suitable uses the gauze, cloth or a hair dryer with warm air. The best thing in these cases is to stop airing your baby's skin as long as possible. Used diapers baggy or poke holes to allow the entry of air.

Another alternative is to use ointments based on petroleum jelly and zinc oxide. Anyway, you should not consider them as the only remedy without taking account of other recommendations. Do not use talcum powder or any type of powder, because it can complicate the healing on the irritated area. Also do not use ointments with antibiotics, antifungals or corticosteroids if the doctor has not prescribed it.

You have to pay attention to this problem that is usually very common in babies. Remember that the key is to keep dry for your child and to change and to position the diaper correctly, so you can avoid a problem as common as the dermatitis of the diaper.


  • moisture
  • lack of air
  • rubbing of the diaper
  • the ammonia produced by the urine
  • irritation caused by the stools, especially when they become acidic in the diarrhea
  • diet changes, such as, for example, begin to eat solid

The situation is complicated when the cause of this type of irritation are bacteria and fungi. If the baby starts to take antibiotics or if you are taking and what you're breast-feeding, it is also more easy to develop mushrooms, because the antibiotics kill the bacteria, but controlling the population of fungi. Is more, the antibiotics can cause diarrhea, causing irritation on the skin that protects the diaper.

You need to go to the pediatrician if:

  • the irritation does not improve in 3 days
  • it hinders the sleep of your baby
  • the skin becomes raw or bleeds
  • appear blisters or ulcers
  • the redness extends beyond the area covered by the diaper

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