higiene genital del bebé

Diapers must be changed in babies, daily, eight times, because it is the stage in which the baby dirty more diapers, and this allows you to have a genital hygiene of the baby.

All new parents wonder once, how to clean the genitals of her baby, because, it is a very delicate part that must have an exclusive care. The diapers need that the genital hygiene of the baby to be constant in order to avoid irritations and infections that could cause discomfort, very painful . Dads should know, that you do not receive the same type of cleaning boys and girls, because their genitalia are very different.

How to clean the genitals of girls

In the case of young girls, to prevent the bacteria from feces to infect the vagina, it must always be cleaned from front to back. Contrary to what you believe, it is not necessary to open their genitals to clean the labia minora and majora.

Dads, should always thoroughly wash hands, before cleaning up his daughter, because, it could be they contaminated that area.

It is recommended to spend a damp cloth to a genital hygiene of the baby deeper, always from front to back. You must have exclusive care, and to avoid leaving bits of wet paper, which may be left in the vagina.

It is necessary to raise the legs of the baby, to be able to clean deep, because remnants of urine and feces.

It is important that you with a towel, leave a very dry vagina, buttocks and anus to prevent irritation.

To finish, always is a good idea to put a protective cream, which in addition to maintain the skin for a long time isolated from the urine and feces, will nourish the skin of the baby.

How to clean the genitals of children

How well do you know the dads in the urine is all over inside the diaper, as it is quite strong, it is necessary to thoroughly clean the baby's penis, in order to avoid future irritations.

The parents at the time of the move out of the diaper, they must have washed their hands with plenty of soap and water, this will prevent a spread of germs from the outside.

Dads should have the exclusive care when removing the diaper of the baby boy, as they tend to urinate when they are changed. To avoid accidents of this type with the urine, it is recommended that when you remove the diaper will hold for a few seconds before removing it.

Once, open the diaper with care, dads should have wet wipes to hand to clean up the urine and feces of the baby, to be deposited inside of the dirty diaper.

You must pass the wipes for the parts cleaner, you can start from the navel and the thighs, ending with the penis, testicles and anus.

However, it is not necessary to run the skin of the foreskin to tidy up better, because it cleans much better, when bathing your baby.

Always and when not to have the circumcision babies, when to shower, is needed there, pull the foreskin back and tidy up with plenty of water.

It is also important to lift the baby's legs to clean what cannot be seen with the naked eye.

Once it has been cleaned very well-the baby, with a towel should be dry, to avoid irritation. Then, ideally, always, is to apply a protective cream on the penis, testicles, buttocks and anus of the baby.

Some things you should be aware of the dads

First, you should always have clear dads is that the genital hygiene of the baby should never be missing, because it can cause discomfort and disease to your baby.

If proper measures are taken, avoiding currents of air, water at a suitable temperature , and a subsequent coat, do not catch a cold.

Diapers must be changed in babies, daily, eight times, because it is the stage in which the baby dirty more diapers.

In the mornings there is always that check your diaper, and take care that you sleep with a new one for the night.

It is not recommended that parents use talc, because pediatricians say that dry the skin of baby because it absorbs the natural moisture of it.

If you perceive irritation or small injuries you can use creams that help the healing of the skin, but if it continues you should consult your pediatrician.

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