There are certain measures you can take to prepare a dog, a baby, is to be delicate and helpless, so dads must be very careful in this topic.

There are many families that have a dog as a pet before the arrival of a new baby home. Therefore, it is recommended, that during the months of waiting for a son, I prepared the faithful friend of the house so that you can live with this new member of the family. There are certain measures you can take to prepare a dog, a baby, is to be delicate and helpless, so dads must be very careful in this topic.

What should be done with the dog before the birth

The arrival of a new baby home is a major event, everyone is preparing to welcome this new member, for this reason, the dads ought to also prepare your dog for this.

There are people that love both your dog as a person, and is treated as such within the home.

The first thing that you need to know these dads is that with the arrival of the baby there are things that must change.

Therefore, it is advised that they see objectively, as is the character of the dog, if it is aggressive and fights for his territory and toys.

In the event that the dog is dog aggressive, and present a behavior that may be harmful to the baby you can send the dog to another home where she can be well.

What dads should know

The ideal, is that as you approach the birth of the baby, it will go reducing little by little the time spent with the dog.

So, you will become used to that since you may not receive the same attention that it had before the arrival of the baby.

It is recommended that before the birth, take the dog for a walk next to the future car of the baby, so he'll get used to this change.

Also you will have an idea of the behavior of the dog during the walks we made together and it can be corrected if you behave very aggressive or with a lot of energy.

Specialists in rehabilitation of dogs, they recommend that you have within the house a doll because it will help to associate that there is another member.

Each time the dog is showing calm next to the doll, you must reward .

The dog walks must be planned according to the new schedule that will be available, to the birth of the baby.

If the dog is very restless, it is recommended that the dads-to-be that walks are with a leash that controls its movements, there are several types on the market.

Every day you should leave at least a quarter of an hour to play, and to consent to the dog, so that the change will not affect you negatively.

The ideal is that the dog little by little, it will go giving account of the existence of the baby, and this can be by passing the dog to the room the small.

This can be once in a while, for a few minutes, to see her reaction with the baby.

So we will associate the scent of the baby with their masters, and it will be easier to accept him as a member of the family.

It is very important that the parents know that the dog is surrounded by bacteria that are not the that the baby is used to, because they are alien to your system.

By this, parents when they pass the dog to the baby's room, especially in the first months of life should be very careful with the cleaning.

Also, it should keep away the dog from the child's toys and his bottle and all the things that are of the baby, because it can bite, olfatearlas and pollute you.

It is recommended that if the dog takes it, or insists on playing with them, scold them and let them know that this is not done, in addition to let him clean that soil.

As your little one grows, you can gradually increase the contact with the dog, because the animal will already be accustomed to your presence.

In addition to the small, you already have good defenses to avoid infection by the bacteria of the pet.

If you have more than one dog, it is recommended to turnarlos to perform the activities, prior to the arrival of the baby.

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