Pregnancy is focused only on the woman, she must be in a good state of health and care must be taken to avoid risks in your pregnancy. However, the good habit of eating, use of vitamins, such as folic acid and a good physical fitness should not just be exclusive of the mother.
When looking to get pregnant, the parents must be in good physical condition to have a fertilization, development and birth of a child is appropriate, for this requires the full communication, support and collaboration of both, as is the decision of the two to bring a baby into the world and expand your family.

Does the folic acid help to conceive a healthy child?

Parents are increasingly more involved in the pregnancy of their partner and are attentive to the care of the children. Know the importance of rest for the mother-to-be, ultrasound, and especially the moment of birth, where they work as a team to bring the world to that new member of the family.
Currently, dads can take very good care of the babies from the first moments of its conception. Folic acid has great importance, as it plays a fundamental role in cell multiplication. Normally it is recommended that the woman to take before conception, but according to some studies, it is advised that the parents take or increase the use of this vitamin. Men who have higher consumption of folic acid have fewer chromosomal abnormalities in their sperm.
So the future dad as the mom-to-be should increase the daily amount is about 400 micrograms for men and women. We can take as a vitamin complex, pills of folic acid or to increase fruits, vegetables and cereals with this vitamin. This will improve the quality of the sperm in the male, providing anti-oxidants that are beneficial.

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