The dream of many couples is to become parents, but sometimes mother nature does not grant us this wonderful opportunity of easy way. However, the medicine with its advances has allowed this to become a reality through the assisted reproduction.

According to the World Health Organization (WHO) after a year of trying to get pregnant in the usual way and, unable to do so, it is advisable to go to the assisted reproduction, which is known as achieving the contact between the egg and the sperm through medical assistance.

Methods of assisted reproduction

According to the seriousness of the analysis of infertility in patients, the technique that is used to get pregnant varies, since there are various method to use.
The first is the artificial insemination, this is done by introducing through a cannula, one of the man's sperm in the woman's uterus.

When the problems of infertility already passed the first stage, the time came to test the in Vitro fertilization. This is an extraction by puncture of ova to be fertilized outside the body of the woman with sperm cells -which are extracted from the semen of your partner-. After fertilization in a clinical laboratory, these embryos are placed in the uterus of the woman to begin to develop.
In the event the woman to have the tubes tied, is a great obstacle to achieve pregnancy, since the egg cannot meet with sperm and can not develop the conception. So yes, you can try to get is to conception through in Vitro Fertilization or intracytoplasmic sperm injection. With a micropipette is directly injected one sperm into the egg with the objective of obtaining an embryo that can be implanted in the uterus of the woman.

Today, thanks to technology and scientific advances, there are many methods to achieve the dream of having a family, there is that never lose hope and all that is left is to keep trying until you exhaust all the alternatives. The important thing is to fight for the dream of enlarge the family.
Information consulted in the IVI Chile

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