We all have close friends and other well-known life who have been mothers, but what happens when your best friend is going to be a mom?

It is indisputable that when you hear the news that your best friend is going to be a mom you get excited as much as if you were pregnant.
It is different when you know someone for years, a whole life and tells you that you will have a son. Come immediately to the head all those beautiful experiences and memories of all the things that have lived together, partying in pajamas, the evenings of shopping, workshops, entertaining, holidays, parties, cries, and loves teenagers as a whole. All this at once!.

When that best friend moves immediately into the world of mom, independent of age and you note that will now be responsible for another being and their priorities will change. It is very moving!
What is more likely is that no longer will be able to see as much as before, since the go to grow and the priorities are changing, see it as our best friend grows and you build your life as you envisioned, or as something that slipped fully of his plans, but he is taking a course that is different than what was in the current plans they envisioned in these conversations between friends until a thousand o'clock in the morning which were designing their future.

For any woman who learns that her best friend is pregnant it is inevitable to feel part of this whole process and is connected to everything that happens from the pregnancy until it is born the nephew, “political”, which will be transformed into an accomplice who will know all these anecdotes are part of their lives

So please be patient if you do not have children, because the life of your friend will change radically, and if you have children, rejoice that come new friends for those evenings and endless meetings.
Don't miss a friend, you've won an amazing experience, prop it up and quarrel a lot in this process!

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