As stimulate babies from very small: from 6 to 8 months of life, she begins a new stage in which the baby begins to be expressed and to unfold, in its own way, with the new world around it.

Dance, fit forms or playing with a ball, among many other things, are a part of your entertainment daily. The main mode of the game focuses on the exploration of their world through tactile experiences, visual, sound and movement. Play encourages them to learn more and more. When a child discovers that he can do something alone, you feel successful and confident in own abilities and is more likely to try new things.

All these stages of development are associated with activities that are linked, in many cases, to educational toys that will facilitate the development of knowledge and skills. In this way, iran achieving goals in the evolution of your baby. Your child gradually enters a stage magic, where you'll want to learn as much as possible and the best way to encourage them is to awaken their senses through the educational game.

Wheel ball from Vtech is a fun toy able to play 15 sounds and 3 songs through the sweet melodies that will catch the attention of your baby, it is a safe product, resistant and stimulates the crawling of your little one who will try to take the ball and to get it at all costs with their tiny little hands. Look at her in action

With the strips, and stuffed animals bright colors, call it your full attention as you learn how to interact with their environment, develop their more creative aspects, and improve their multi-skills by helping you to turn to channel both your energy-physical, mental, and emotional.

The game is a basic element in the life of a baby, in addition to fun, it is necessary for their development. They need to be active to grow and develop their skills, the game is important for learning and integral development of our children, as they learn about life simply by playing, and what better way than with an interactive toy that will help him in this exciting task.

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