It is very common to think that if you have sex during menstruation, do not need protection, because apparently you can't get pregnant.

However, the possibility of to become pregnant or not pregnant sex during menstruation has always been in the mouth of many.

When in doubt it is always best to find out! Menstruation occurs in the final stage of the hormonal cycle female approximately 14 days after ovulation, therefore it is not possible to produce a pregnancy. However, there are cases of women who have a little bleeding in the days close to ovulation, so if you get confused and think that they are in the menstruation can become pregnant. To recognize menstruation should be compared with the bleeding that regularly occur, since the flows are different.

Several Gynecologists say that most women think that it is safe not to use protection during menstruation, but there are risks of infection, there are some studies that indicate a slight increased risk of infection, gynecological, and an increased risk of transmission of diseases such as HIV, syphilis and hepatitis B if kept sexual activity on these days. In the case of healthy women and with couples only should not pose a greater risk.

However, the menstrual flow may also be due to women prone to be carriers of sexually transmitted diseases, since your fluid can transmit infections. For this, we must take precautions and the hygiene measures later, because it is not only the pregnancy-what you should worry about sex during menstruation.

As the saying goes: Prevention is better than cure!

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