The importance of early stimulation has been put in evidence by numerous investigations, which point to the close relationship between the stimulation of children in their first years of life and its subsequent development. Early childhood is the stage where you acquire the cognitive skills, social and emotional, and this is very important because it also begins to define the personality of each one of the children.

The main purpose of Early Stimulation is to provide, to the babies and infants, items to better develop all of their senses, which can take advantage to develop their full capacities at all stages of their life.

The stimulation is often recommended since the first months of life, it is because the human brain provides millions of connections between their neurons through the acquisition of experience and knowledge. If this stimulates early, your baby, your brain will develop more connections, which will give you a major advantage in its development future.

The first year of life is especially important, since it constitutes the base of the pyramid of Development, and of the Knowledge of the Human Being. The most valuable tool to stimulate babies and infants, it is the game, since it is through this that they learn in the early years of his life.

Discover a cute toy to stimulate your child and how to make a cute news story with this video:

With pequepatitas of Vtech, for children to learn is as simple as it is fun. Its interactive buttons and the six pieces snap teach shapes, numbers and vocabulary about the nature. Also includes two game modes to learn and enjoy with cheerful melodies and songs.
Educational aspects:
Language development:
Teaches shapes, numbers, and basic vocabulary.
The songs and phrases from the toy facilitate the understanding of the language.

Exploration and Discovery:
2 game modes and buttons with different responses promote the interactive game.
Asks questions to encourage the child to find the figures and the drawings.

Motor Development:
Fit the pieces together strengthens fine motor skills and hand-eye coordination.

Sensory Stimulation:
Includes cheerful melodies and sounds to stimulate the auditory attention.
The colorful design and the antennae bright spark the child's curiosity and capture their visual attention.

Montaje Pequepatitas

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